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doxie blog  // Posts tagged as "doxie blog"

31 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | 3 comments

2013 New Year Goals

In keeping up with my yearly tradition I’ve decided to take a look back over the goals I made for myself last year to see how I did! I’ve also come up with a new list of goals for 2013 that will hopefully keep me on my toes! My 2012 Goals: 1. Learn a new […]


18 Sep Posted by in Home, Play | 3 comments

Backyard Super Hero

I was playing with my next door neighbor, Harley the Rottweiler, when I happened to mention that I’m a Super Hero. She laughed and said “That’s silly Ammo, you don’t even have a Super Hero outfit”. So I quickly bounded inside to show her that yes, in fact I do have a Super Hero outfit, […]


12 Sep Posted by in Farm | 3 comments

On the Job

You may recall that there are some new changes happening on the family farm, most of which involve building Trooper a super duper new house! And since we consider this the family farm, everyone is expected to pitch in and help with the construction, Trooper and I included. I am certainly no stranger to working […]


05 Sep Posted by in Adventure | Comments

The Elusive Golden Bear

When I took a trip over the weekend to visit the flea markets in Kutztown, Pa – I didn’t just end my adventure with pillaging for buried treasures. No, there was another reason to travel north – to hunt for the elusive Golden Bear. See Mom and Dad both attended Kutztown University, home of the […]


04 Sep Posted by in Adventure | 2 comments

Flea Market Adventures

Flea Market Adventures

Over the weekend I took a trip with Mom and Dad to the Flea Markets near Kutztown, PA. Being that I typically work on Saturdays, (when most flea markets are open) I’ve never actually been to one before. I spent the afternoon pillaging and searching for buried treasures among the isles upon isles of flea […]


28 Aug Posted by in Fetching Finds | Comments

My Latest Shopping Treasures

My Latest Shopping Treasures

It’s no secret that I love to shop for the latest and greatest dog products, evident by my weekly blog feature, Friday Fetch. So when I actually get a chance to test some of these products out myself convince mom she has to buy me something, I love to share my experiences with my fans. […]


15 Aug Posted by in Play | Comments

Decisions. Decisions.

The other day I got to take a much needed trip to Petco. And by much needed, I mean I NEEDED new toys. After agonizing over the perfect toy to choose I picked out these two and was excited to give them a whirl when I got home. I was having a grand time playing […]


14 Aug Posted by in Play | 1 comment

Play Fetch Everyday

Don’t you just wish you could play fetch all day long? It’s these simple pleasures of summer that I enjoy oh so much. I hope you get to play fetch today too.


09 Aug Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 1 comment

Sweet Hole-digging Heaven!

Oh sweet glorious day! You’ll never guess what showed up on the farm! You are gonna pee your pants in excitement, just like I did! It’s a backhoe!! As in, ground hogs watch out, I’ve hit the hole-digging jackpot. I’m totally serious when I say this (just look at my face), this is like the […]


08 Aug Posted by in Adventure | 2 comments

Dachshunds Allowed in the Automatic Car Wash

Last weekend I got to go on a brand new adventure! When Mom pulled up to the automatic car wash, I had no idea what was in store. There seemed to be a lot of “No” rules – but thank goodness it didn’t say “No wiener dogs”. I watched in fascination as the swirly-ma-jigs and […]