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30 Jan Posted by in Agility, Farm | 12 comments

American Barn Warrior

American Barn Warrior

I like to think I’m a pretty fit dog. I mean I exercise regularly, I try to eat a healthy meal (aside from that 1/2 a hoagie I stole off the dining room table the other day….but that hardly counts), and I’m always ready for fun adventures! So when I recently caught sight of the […]


15 Jul Posted by in Agility | 3 comments

Dog Agility on the Farm

Dog Agility on the Farm

It’s been a while since I shared much about my ongoing agility training. The fact is, I actually haven’t been to any training classes since last year, mostly I blame it on my mom because her schedule got too hectic to take me. But even though I may not be taking regular classes, that doesn’t […]


Adventures at the Spring Doxie Fest

As you may already know, I was invited to be the special celebrity guest performer at the Spring Doxie Fest to benefit the Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue this past weekend in Maryland. So I packed up my car with all the tools necessary to put on an awesome performance and headed south 2 hours […]


19 Feb Posted by in Agility | 1 comment

Dog Agility Training – the off days

As you may already know I have been taking agility training classes for a long time now. I have yet to ever compete, and someday I might, but mostly I just enjoy the exercise and mental stimulation. However, despite my love of running the courses, sometimes I have off days too. For example last week […]


17 Oct Posted by in Agility, Play, Product Review | 1 comment

The World of Dog Agility Toys

Unknown to me until recently there is this whole world out there of secret dog agility toys. Toys designed to encourage dogs to jump, run, and soar over the agility equipment. Toys that any dog would love – regardless of whether or not they love dog agility too. So I convinced my mom that since […]


13 Jun Posted by in Agility, Training | 8 comments

Stepping it up on the Agility Course

Now that I’m back to my regular weekly agility classes (after mom had knee surgery and I had to take a little break) I’ve jumped right back in where I left off and I’m now doing full courses! I’m still a bit of a novice and have plenty to learn, but I’m having loads of […]


29 Apr Posted by in Agility, D.I.Y | 6 comments

DIY: Build Your own 2×2 Agility Weave Poles

You might remember that back in November I posted a tutorial on how to build your own agility weave poles with the help of my friends at the Dog Agility Shop. Well when winter rolled around I had to pack up my poles since it was just too cold to practice outdoors. That was until […]


12 Mar Posted by in Agility, Training | 3 comments

Tunnel Time!

Mom had a Birthday last week, and like any spoiled well loved pooch, I got presents too! Welcome to my new dog agility tunnel, won’t you come inside? Ammo practicing his #agility skills in the #tunnel #pets #dachshund #dog — Kyley (@kyleydiluigi) March 11, 2013   My superstar #dachshund #agility #pets #dog #tunnel […]


24 Jan Posted by in Agility | 9 comments

Progress Report on Dog Agility

As you probably know, I’ve been taking weekly agility training classes since last spring. I’ve come pretty far in my training, but I still have lots to learn until I’m ready to compete. Last week I had a visitor at class…..which means I have video proof that I’m an agility dog! Yay! This week I […]


15 Jan Posted by in Agility, Sponsors | 3 comments

Dog Agility – Practicing the Chute

Every week I attend a dog agility class with mom at the Dog Training Center of Chester County. After several months of classes now I’m really starting to get the hang of things. Waiting for my turn on the course is one of the hardest things about going to class, it’s just too much fun! […]