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Ammo’s Pals

My adventures wouldn’t be as fun if I didn’t have friends to share them with! Meet some of my best pals…..

Little Boys vs Dogs - who will win?Trooper is my very best friend! He is an Australian Shepherd/Labrador Mix that was born on May 24, 2007 and lives with my mom’s parents on the family horse farm. From day one of being adopted by my family he has been my companion. He helped to raise me as just a wee pup at my mom’s business, and taught me how to be the extremely people friendly dog that I am today. Trooper even taught me how to “smile” at customers, something that we both still do to this day. My life certainly would not be the same without my favorite wrestling buddy!


Super Minnow & Super Ammo 2012Minnow is my very favorite pony on the family farm. Known throughout the horse community as the famous Painting Pony, Minnow was born wild on Assateague Island in 1994 and is a Chincoteague Pony. Minnow has been allowing me to perform tricks with him in his acts since I was just a wee pup and in 2010 we even won a prestigious talent contest together. He’s the one pony on the farm that I trust to never step on me, as he’s always looking out for my safety. He’s basically just like a big lovable dog!


ammo the dachshund & cricketCricket is really just a dog at heart. She is one of the cats on the family farm and has a deep love for all of us dogs. She’s been on her fair share of adventures from locking herself inside cars, to trapping herself under water buckets, and she loves more than anything to snuggle up next to my pal Trooper. And she doesn’t even mind when I decide to chase her around the farm. Cricket helped me hone my hunting skills when I was a puppy, and to this day we still love to hunt in a pack together.


Ammo the Dachshund Helps Prepare for Pony Penning // Chincoteague Pony BoomerangBoomerang is another one of my special pony friends on the farm. He was born on March 21, 2003 and is also a registered Chincoteague Pony. He’s got a long list of tricks that my mom trained him with clicker training, from sitting and laying down on command, and even playing fetch. I’m pretty sure he was a dog in another life. He’s also quite an accomplished competitor, and has won many awards. I love getting to travel with him to many of his competitions, and I like to think I helped teach him most of what he knows!


spider the kittenSpider came to live on the family farm on Halloween in 2010 as just a wee kitten. She’s grown up with sass and spunk and loves to give me a taste of my own medicine. I taught her how to climb trees (by chasing her up them) and she taught me how to catch birds out the air. She likes to think she rules the farm, but we all know that I’m the true king! She’s never too shy to voice her opinion and she doesn’t mind sharing her meals with me (although I never really asked).


Winter on the Farm // Ammo the DachshundBlitz is the big brother to my pal Boomerang and is also a registered Chincoteague Pony that was born on June 13, 2002. Blitz likes to think he’s in charge of protecting everyone on the farm, but honestly, his bark isn’t very loud. He loves to play, and has a sweet puppy dog personality. Although we beg to differ on which one of us is cuter! Blitz always likes to be involved in my photoshoots on the farm, and he gets super jealous when I don’t include him in on the fun.

Dog Squad on the Beach
is my cousin who also lives with my Aunt in South Carolina. She is a rescue pup from down south and I got to meet her for the first time when she was 8 months old and came for a visit to Pennsylvania. She and Trooper became fast friends while I got busy teaching her the rules (like small dogs are always the boss of you). She will be ready in no time!


Shilah the Husky in Pink with Glowdoggie // Ammo the DachshundShilah is a Husky that was born in 2012, and is owned by my parent’s friends. Shilah and I have sort of a love/hate relationship. I love love love to go hiking and on camping trips with her, but I sort of hate it when she comes to my house and invades my territory (she can be a little bossy). We’ve been on many adventures together, and our shared love of the outdoors is something we can both agree on. I’m still waiting on her to get that sled hook-up though, so she can take me sledding the next time it snows!


ammo the dachshund and harley the RottweilerHarley is the Rottweiler who lives next door to me. She was also born in 2012, and we have an odd relationship that mostly takes place through our shared fence. I love more than anything to dart out my back door and chase her up and down the fence line. That is until I decide I’m bored with the whole ordeal, and despite her frantic barks to play with her more, I take a nap instead. On occasion she’ll sneak into my yard to play with me, only as much as she just wants to wrestle, she’s also quite terrified of me. (I told you it was an odd relationship).


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