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29 Apr Posted by in Farm | 4 comments

Water on the Beach

Water on the Beach

A few weeks ago this interesting looking pool* showed up in my beach ponies’ arena. *affiliate link I thought, well isn’t this nice, how did they know that no beach is complete without some “ocean”. Just as I was about to take a dip I had a thought… …what if the real fun was UNDER the […]


19 Jan Posted by in | 3 comments

Ammo’s Pals

My adventures wouldn’t be as fun if I didn’t have friends to share them with! Meet some of my best pals….. Trooper is my very best friend! He is an Australian Shepherd/Labrador Mix that was born on May 24, 2007 and lives with my mom’s parents on the family horse farm. From day one of […]


22 Oct Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 6 comments

Fairhill International Cross Country Adventure

Fairhill International Cross Country Adventure

Over the weekend I took my annual trip to the Fairhill International Event in Maryland. “Eventing” is the ultimate test of a horse and rider and has been referred to as the Triathlon of equestrian sport. Through tests in dressage, cross country, and show jumping the horse and rider work together to show that they […]


22 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 4 comments

Dachshund Goes Sledding with Ponies

When the winter rolls around I sometimes (like most of you) spend a little more time indoors. Because honestly, I’d much rather be warm and toasty then freezing my tail off! But when it snows, that all changes, because one of my favorite activities involves a fresh dusting of snow and some of my furry […]


17 Sep Posted by in Farm | 5 comments

Bringing the Beach Home

Last week some farm machinery showed up on the farm, and along with it came some sand! Word on the street was that the ponies were getting sand footing for their arena. In translation…..HOLY COW I WAS GETTING A BEACH! Trooper and I were quite intrigued by our newly found farm beach (as we dubbed […]


13 Aug Posted by in Farm, Product Review | 2 comments

Sharing Cookies with Good Buddies

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post and giveaway brought to you by Chewy! When sent me some of their Good Buddy Peanut Butter Cookies recently I knew exactly what to do with them. Since I’m the nicest guy around I decided to share them with my own Good Buddy, Trooper! These made in […]


29 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Farm, Play | 11 comments

Sledding with the Ponies

Over the weekend I decided to go on a sledding adventure at the farm. So I grabbed my favorite ponies (Minnow, Blitz and Boomer) and hitched them to a sled for some fun! Trooper and I had a blast chasing the sleds – we even made it a little friendly competition out of who could […]


01 Apr Posted by in Sponsors | Comments

Monthly Sponsor Shoutout

It’s time for me to send out a little virtual thank you to my very special blog sponsors! Blogging doesn’t come without expenses and it’s because of my lovely sponsors that I can keep the website up and running and the adventures rolling in. K9 CarFence is the perfect thing to keep your pets safe […]


06 Mar Posted by in Farm | 7 comments

Missing the Farm

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I’m a pretty active guy. I’m always going on exciting adventures, taking training classes, and generally just running around (boy do I love to run). But ever since Mom had surgery I’ve had to stay home a lot to take care of her. […]


31 Jan Posted by in Farm | 9 comments

Minnow goes to New Bolton

On Monday I arrived at the farm early to take my pal Minnow on a special outing. Mom said Minnow was headed to the New Bolton Center, an internationally renowned large animal hospital, in other words the VET! When we arrived I had to wait in the car, which was perfectly fine with me because […]