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24 Apr Posted by in Friday Fetch | Comments

Friday Fetch: Luxury Dog Beds from Charley Chau

Friday Fetch: Luxury Dog Beds from Charley Chau

The Charley Chau online shop totally had me at “Snuggle Bed”. Seriously, what’s not to love about a faux fur lined dog bed that you can snuggle in? Not only that, but they also make luxury dog beds in other styles too! This UK based company ships all over the World and you can fetch […]


23 Jan Posted by in Play | Comments

Harley, Ammo and the RC Car

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to play with my neighbor Harley. So over the weekend I popped over to her house and we had a little fun chasing her Dad’s RC Car in the backyard. Ok well mostly I watched Harley chase the car while I bossed her around (she really has no […]


19 Jan Posted by in | 3 comments

Ammo’s Pals

My adventures wouldn’t be as fun if I didn’t have friends to share them with! Meet some of my best pals….. Trooper is my very best friend! He is an Australian Shepherd/Labrador Mix that was born on May 24, 2007 and lives with my mom’s parents on the family horse farm. From day one of […]


10 Jun Posted by in Play | 1 comment


Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a riveting game of fetch. But mostly, I just like to torment my next-door neighbor, Harley the Rottweiler. Sorry Harley! 


26 Oct Posted by in Friday Fetch | Comments

Friday Fetch: Scutte Necktie Collars & Pet T-Shirts

Just a few days ago the pet apparel site, Scutte, opened up their virtual shop. I was super excited as I had anxiously been waiting for it’s grand opening to be announced on their Facebook page. Inspired by her boston terrier, Harley, Kira Stackhouse creates unique t-shirts for dogs and stylish necktie collars. She even […]


18 Sep Posted by in Home, Play | 3 comments

Backyard Super Hero

I was playing with my next door neighbor, Harley the Rottweiler, when I happened to mention that I’m a Super Hero. She laughed and said “That’s silly Ammo, you don’t even have a Super Hero outfit”. So I quickly bounded inside to show her that yes, in fact I do have a Super Hero outfit, […]


15 Aug Posted by in Play | Comments

Decisions. Decisions.

The other day I got to take a much needed trip to Petco. And by much needed, I mean I NEEDED new toys. After agonizing over the perfect toy to choose I picked out these two and was excited to give them a whirl when I got home. I was having a grand time playing […]


14 Jun Posted by in Play | 5 comments

Summer Love

You might remember my neighbor, Harley, you know the sweet girl next door aka the Rottweiler I torment through the fence on a daily basis. Whenever I see Harley outside we run up and down our shared fence line playing. Harley tries her hardest to keep up with my fierce speed while I bark my […]


18 Apr Posted by in Play | 3 comments

Puppy Play Date

Lately I’ve been making a whole bunch of new doggie friends, what can I say, I’m a popular guy. Last weekend me and my new pals had a play date in my back yard. This is my new friend Shilah. She’s a 12 week old Husky puppy and she’s oh-so-pretty with her piercing blue eyes. […]