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10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds

21 Jan Posted by in Product Review | 28 comments
10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds

A few months ago I shared a collection of fall sweaters that were designed to fit my fellow dachshund friends. Well now that the colder weather has set in I thought it would be fun to share my recommendations for winter coats too!

So here is my collection of 10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds – some of which I’ve tried and tested, and a few that seem to fit the bill for all those short legged/long backed doxies out there!

1. Voyagers K9 Apparel Winter Dog Coat

ammo the dachshund k9 voyagers coat

One of my go-to coats every winter is my Voyagers K9 Winter Coat. I’ve owned this coat since 2011 – and it’s held up fabulously over the years. It’s great on the farm, and the added hood is fabulous at keeping my ears warm. Not to mention I look oh-so-stylish when wearing it! You can fetch your own from Voyagers K9.

2. Noodle and Friends

Trendy Coats to Keep your Dachshund Warm // Noodle & Friends // Ammo the Dachshund

Over the years I’ve owned many Noodle and Friends Coats. Designed with the long bodied dogs in mind they also feature extra chest protection (great for when you’re low to the ground) and one of my favorite features – a built in d-ring so you don’t have to wear a harness too! Check out the entire line of dog coats from Noodle and Friends.

3. Teckelklub

10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds

While I’ve never had the chance to try one of these TeckelKlub Coats, they do look exceptionally warm! These coats come in a variety of sizes to fit many dogs, and have a variety of lengths to accommodate the dachshund’s long bodies! You can even get them embroidered with your dog’s name! I’ve heard from several of my fans that this company makes some great coats. You can fetch one of these coats from TeckelKlub.

4. Hurtta

Winter on the Farm // Ammo the Dachshund

After winning a photo contest I got the chance to test out one of these Hurtta Summit Parka’s, and it’s an awesome winter coat that’s exceptionally warm. I love that they have openings for harnesses, and the added draw strings on the back makes it so you can adjust them to fit any length dog, even dachshunds! Fetch your own from Hurtta.

5. Ruffwear

Ruffwear Climate Changer // Ammo the Dachshund

I’ve owned the Ruffwear Climate Changer for quite some time now. And I have to say it is one of the warmest coats I’ve ever owned. Now while it’s not specifically designed for dachshunds, these coats are actually very long in the body and seem to fit my unique build like a glove. The only issue I had with the Climate Changer is that sometimes my legs got caught inside the sleeves (since they are a little extra long) – but mom fixed this issue for me by hemming them up some. But Ruffwear does make several winter coat designs that don’t have sleeves, which would likely be a little more conducive to short legged dachshunds without the need to do some hemming. You can fetch this coat and more from Ruffwear (*contains affiliate links)

6. Foggy Mountain Dog Coats

Foggy Mountain Dachshund Coat // Ammo the Dachshund

These horse blanket style dachshund coats are designed to fit the shorter leg breeds. While I haven’t tried this brand personally, I did used to own a blanket style coat when I was a puppy that fit me very well. You can fetch the Foggy Mountain Dachshund Coat from True Fit Dog Coats.

7. Lupo & Olimp Co.

Lupo and Olimp Fleece Dog Coats & Home Accessories + A Giveaway

These handmade fleece coats from Lupo & Olimp are exceptionally soft and warm. They are by far the thickest and warmest fleece jackets I have ever warm, and are great for layering on really cold days on the farm. The best part is they are handmade to fit your own dog! You can fetch them in a variety of colors from Lupo & Olimp Co. on Etsy.

8. Pepper Pet Wear

Custom Fit Dog Clothing from Pepper Petwear + A Giveaway

The folks at Pepper Pet Wear make a variety of winter coats – all of which can be custom made to fit your dog – dachshunds included! I’m always a big fan of coats that have added protection under the belly, and these definitely do that! Read my full review on the Pepper Pet Wear CoatsYou can check out these custom pet coats from Pepper Pet Wear on Etsy.

9. Dachshund Delights

10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds

While I’ve never warm one, Dachshund Delights makes a whole line of custom coats for Dachshunds. From fleece, to hardier winter wear they have it all, including coats with built in harnesses. You can fetch one of these winter coats from Dachshund Delights.

10.  DJANGO Reversible Puffer Vest*

(*Ammo received compensation from DJANGO in exchange for an honest review of their Puffer Reversible Dog Coat)

Django Puffer Jacket

Ok seriously, every dog needs a puffer vest – it’s just so stylish! My friends at DJANGO sent me this one in sage green, and I totally love that it’s reversible to a fun red plaid color. They come in a variety of sizes and I love that they fit us deep chested dogs perfectly. They also have the much coveted (in my opinion) hole in the back for a leash attachment. You can fetch one from DJANGO.* Use Discount code AMMO15 for 15% off DJANGO’s Puffer Reversible Dog Coat (1 use per customer)

To see a list of all the dog gear I’ve tested and love make sure you check out my favorite dog gear list!

So there you have it, my fun collection of winter coats designed to keep your Dachshund warm! Have any to add? Post your suggestions in the comments below! Ammo the Dachshund


  1. JB01-22-15

    Thanks Ammo! I’ll check these out. I have a hard time finding coats to fit my vizsla. When I get one long enough to cover her back and big enough to fit around her deep chest, they’re too big in other places. BTW – you’re such a great model!

    • Ammo01-22-15

      It can be so hard fitting those hard-to-fit dogs! Hopefully my round-up of winter jackets will give you a good place to start.

    • DionneN10-18-15

      Which was #9?

  2. Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner01-23-15

    I wrote a post like this last year. I admire your Voyagers K9 jacket and one day I am going to get one for Chester and Gretel. Our favorite go-to jacket place is The Cozy Hound though because the custom double-fleeced jackets are cute and really inexpensive.

    • Ammo01-23-15

      Oh yes! I do remember you wrote a post like this last year. You had some great resources as well. I’ll have to check out the Cozy Hound. Farm life isnt always so kind to dachshund jackets but the Voyager K9 one is the only one that has lasted for so many years. Well worth the cost in my opinion.

  3. Holly01-23-15

    You should try Teckelklub; they’re made in Canada and fit the dachshund physique beautifully. My 3 girls all have Teckelklub fleeces.

    • Ammo01-23-15

      What a great suggestion, I had not heard of them before – looked them up and I love the look of their coats. I might have to check those out, thanks for sharing!

  4. Heidi02-04-15

    My mom bought me the Foggy Mountain Coat (TrueFit Dog Coats) for xmas and I love it!! With all the snow we have had and below 0 temps it has kept me warm & dry. Also, it only takes her 10 sec to put it on because of the Velcro straps!!!
    PS… Im a dachshund and my mom can NEVER find a coat that fits me from the local dog stores in the Chicagoland area

  5. April12-14-15

    Dog-e-designs in Ontario, Canada makes affordable good quality coats, sweaters,harnesses, and more for dachshunds and greyhounds, and they ship worldwide. Have owned the dachshund polar fleece elite, the harness, and sweatshirt for my two dachshunds, and they fit great (they do mini/Tweenie/standard/custom sizing).

  6. Read Full Article03-09-16

    There is no definate pattern to adapt a hoodie to match your dog,
    you will have to fit it as you go. Just bear in mind to preserve the dog’s ideal interests at heart.

  7. Taryn09-20-16


    What size Hurtta did you go with? My dachshund is about 16 pounds and I can’t decide whether to purchase a 14 or 16. Thanks! 😀

    • Ammo09-21-16

      I will have to check later when I have the jacket in front of me. I’ll get back to you

    • Ammo09-23-16

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! But I wear a size 16 and I’m 20lbs.

  8. Rachel11-27-16

    Hi ammo! I have a schweenie (dachshund shitzu) named ellie who is 12 lbs and its so hard to fit her long body! What size ruffwear coat did you get? I love ruffwear, all her harnesses and leashes are ruffwear!

    • Ammo11-27-16

      I wear an XS, but I do weigh 20lbs and I did have to modify the fleece a bit around the chest and legs to fit better. You might have better luck with a more custom made coat.

    • Stephanie01-06-17

      Hi Rachel! Check out our new design, The Puffer, at We have a long-haired doxie and designed this with large-chested pups in mind 🙂 Happy holidays!

      Link to The Puffer:

  9. Karen12-22-16

    Oh my goodness, could you be any cuter? I only just stumbled across your blog – and I just love you! The hood is by far the cutest. Look forward to reading more – Merry Christmas Ammo!

  10. Rachel Nicole Billingsley01-06-17

    Thanks to your post ammo, I was able to fit my girl just right! We got the ruffwear fernie and another coat for on top !

  11. Vincent D Caprini01-06-17

    Thanks Ammo

  12. Jessica Williams01-06-17

    I still covet that Voyagers K9 jacket. We just have to many already. We’re huge Hurtta fans. I do like the Lupo & Olimp Co. fleeces too but they’re on break so I can’t see their designs.

    • Ammo the Dachshund01-06-17

      Yes the Hurtta coats are great! And I still love my Voyagers K9 Apparel jacket too! I still think there are parts of all the jackets I would love to combine to make one amazing jacket!

    • Jessica Williams01-06-17

      Totally. It’s hard to decide between them all.

  13. Tinsky M. Laznik01-07-17

    We have Voyagers K9 and it is great!

  14. Becky Jagusch01-07-17

    Noodle and friends has been the best coat my Dachshund has worn. Fabulous fit and very good coverage!

  15. Stephanie01-06-17

    Hello Ammo! Check out The Puffer at pacificpup.CO. We designed The Puffer while living in Oregon this past fall to fit our long-haired doxie. A few things about the coat:

    – Fully reversible, either solid or print
    – Insulated design for cold weather months
    – Full coverage: neck, chest and upper belly are fully protected from the elements
    – Windproof and water-resistant
    – Velcro closure for easy on and off
    – Structured leash opening
    – Packable for easy storage in backpack or other hiking gear
    – Machine washable

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Best to you and all the other doxies enjoying this wonderful blog 🙂

    The coat is insulating and durable with a velcro closure. The chest is large for doxies and other similar wide-chested pups. The arm holes are oversized to allow max mobility. There’s a structured opening on back for the leash. The coat is also very water-resistent, lined, and reversible 😉

  16. Jeremy06-29-17

    these clothes look amazing. Unfortunately, we don’t have real winter here in Australia otherwise I will definitely get my dog one of these to go with his accessories

  17. Jenny azcat10-11-18

    I was able to fit my girl just right! We got the ruffwear fernie and another coat for on top !

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