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10 Fall Sweaters that Fit Dachshunds

12 Nov Posted by in Fetching Finds | 25 comments

While I know not everyone who reads my blog owns a dog of the long and short sausage type. But I think it’s safe to say that a lot of you probably do. So in an effort to help out my fellow short legged/long backed friends out there I gathered up a few of my favorite sweaters that work well for dachshunds! Mostly because fall sweaters are just so much fun!

And even if you don’t have a dachshund, many of these would work on lots of other breeds as well!

10 Sweaters that Fit Dachshunds


1. Warm Weenies

ammo the dachshund in sweater

Handmade in Missouri, I personally have owned one of these handmade sweaters – and it looks like they now sell patterns so you can make your own too!

2. My Fabulous Puppy

Ammo's 6th Birthday // Ammo the Dachshund

While not specifically designed for dachshunds, the sweaters at My Fabulous Puppy seem to fit quite well – with many of their up-cycled designed geared towards the longer bodied dogs.

3. By Chance Designs

Ammo the Dachshund // Birthday Wrap-Up

With lots of fun, handmade cable knits this sweater remains one of my favorites!

4. What’s Up Dox

Whats Up Dox Dachshund Sweaters

While I haven’t specifically tried these fleece sweaters, it looks like they are the perfect fit for Dachshunds!

5. Noodle and Friends

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

These noodle and friends fleece sweaters are the perfect thing to lounge around the house in and are also great for layering under heavier jackets when it gets really cold.

6. My Canine Kids

My Canine Kids Harness & Fleece Jacket Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

This fleece sweater is great because it’s adjustable so it’s perfect for a growing puppy or a dog who’s weight may fluctuate.

7. Houndz in the Hood

Houndz in the Hood // Dachshund sweater

While I’ve never tried any sweaters from this line, it looks like they have the long-backed dogs in mind!

8. Voyagers K9

ammo the dacshund k9 voyagers coat

These custom fleece sweaters can be made to fit any sized dog, and mine has lasted me for many many years!

9. Dachshund Delights

Dachshund Delights Sweaters

I’ve never tried the line of sweaters from Dachshund Delights, but they do look especially cozy!

10. Puppy Love

Dachshund Sweater

Again, not one I’ve personally tested, but these sweaters look oh-so-snuggly and the perfect fit for wiener dogs!

So what do you think, ready to wrap your wiener dog up in something warm? Any sweaters to add to my list?

Looking for a winter coat for you pup? Check out my list of 10 winter coats that fit dachshunds.Ammo the Dachshund

  1. Dachshund Nola11-12-14

    We’re big fans of Noodle and Friends here. Ruffwear fits surprisingly well on Nola, given she’s shorter in back and taller in leg than most dachshunds. The Cozy Hound and DoxAndDane make great coats, too!

    Dachshund Mommy

  2. Dachshund Delights11-12-14

    Hi Ammo — we would be happy to send you one of our custom-fit CoverUps or Cuddlers for you to try.

    We can make you one that is water-resistant or all fleece. We also make a coat version of our popular Hug-A-Dog Harness.

    We have been fitting dachshunds since 1997.

    Please email me personally if you would like to have us make you one to try.

    April Scott, Pres.
    Dachshund Delights

  3. Willie & Libby11-12-14

    We loooove K-9 Voyager tummy warmers and winter jackets. They offer both standard and mini options which I’ve never found. One of us is a tweeny so it comes in very handy.

    We are looking at some of the other options you have listed. Thanks Ammo.

  4. Suzanne11-07-15

    My Jack needs to keep his kidneys warm, due to illness. His back is 18 and girth,thanks to Cushings, is 22. Can you help with a sweater?

    • Ammo11-07-15

      We unfortunately do not sell any of these sweaters on my website. This is just simply an informative article to share some companies that do make sweaters to fit dachshunds. You can visit their shops and see if they can accommodate your request.

      • April11-08-15

        Suzanne — we can make a fleece sweater to fit. I also understand about Cushings. I lost my beautiful Katie to Cushings 2 years ago.


  5. Angela Hatke11-29-15


  6. Beth Henkes11-29-15

    These are great, Ammo! Also check out The Cozy Hound from Tacoma, WA. Winston loves his fleece coat from her, and it reverses too!

    • Beth Henkes11-29-15

      Here is another shot of the full coat!

    • Ammo the Dachshund11-29-15

      Looks nice and cozy!

    • Beth Henkes11-29-15

      It’s so great, Ammo! I’m never cold when I have it on…mom says I can have another one soon as The Cozy Hound has some new patterns in…there are waterproof coats too! Thanks for all the coat tips, buddy! Love, Winston

  7. Kristian Beverly11-29-15

    Madison Pollihan

  8. Stef Freundlich11-29-15

    Steel Reserve

  9. Julie Nickerson11-29-15

    Weiner Wraps are great! You send in the measurements, and you receive a custom-made coat! You get to choose the fabric, too. Frank loves his.

  10. Eric Manuel11-29-15

    Hunter says hi from Las Vegas. Thanks for the list of warm clothes!

  11. Thy Karla Nguyen11-30-15

    Amanda Nguyen

  12. Mari Bolte11-30-15

    Thanks Ammo! I’ll be checking out that Canine Kids one–we have a regular and a fatty, haha.

    I order mine from here (it looks like she’s on a break):
    She does custom pattern sweaters that are reversible.

  13. Leonora01-18-16

    I am wondering if someone else has problems with sweaters with sleeves? I bought my doxie a sweater that covers her back, but it has little sleeves and when she rolls around her legs disappear inside the sweater and she cannot get them back out, so she resorts to sticking them out the neck, and the sweater ends up sliding down her back (it sort of looks like a strapless dress, fancy but not warm!).
    I wosh I could get some of the sweaters I see here in my country…

  14. Susan Ladd09-17-16

    Thanks Ammo the Dachshund

  15. Donna Murphy09-26-16

    Is there a place to find patterns for wraps & sweaters to DIY??
    I have kept a bunch of sweaters and sweatshirts I was going to take to goodwill to try to make sweaters for my 2 Mini Doxies fir the winter. I have a 10lb & 5lb baby!!

  16. Dan @ PetNPat05-27-18

    My favorite is definitely the handmade cable knit sweater. It suits him so well!

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