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Fetching Finds: My New Voyager Jackets

Fetching Finds: My New Voyager Jackets

Don’t worry, I’m not packing my bags and moving north to become an Eskimo.

ammo the dacshund k9 voyagers coat

Nope, I’m just modeling my new jackets that mom got me from Voyagers K9. You might remember that I posted about them a few weeks ago (which you can read here).

ammo the dacshund k9 voyagers coat

Well my mom thought I could use a little wardrobe update this winter so she contacted them and ordered me two custom made coats to fit me exactly.

Since I’m too big to fit into their mini dachshund coat I had to send in custom measurements. So after Voyagers K9 got all my measurements, mom ordered me a winter coat and tummy warmer in yellow and she even had them put in an opening for my harness on the winter coat.

ammo the dacshund k9 voyagers coat

Last night I got to put my coats to the test out on the farm and since I figured some of my canine friends might be in the need for a winter coat this year too I thought I’d share a little review for you!

ammo the dacshund k9 voyagers coat


  • Very warm, especially when you layer a tummy warmer & winter coat
  • Fits me like a glove and is exactly the perfect length
  • Love the hood on the winter coat because I can cover up my ears when it’s really cold
  • Seams & velcro seem strong
  • Not too bulky and it’s easy for me to move around in
  • I can still fit my glowdoggie collar over top of the hood so I’m safe in the dark
  • The coats make me look oh so stylish


  • I couldn’t order any of the coats with a d-ring sewn onto the outside
  • Optional harness opening in winter coat is too high near my neck, meaning I can’t wear my custom harness from my pal Baxter’s mom because the d-ring is too far down my back. But it was at a nearly perfect position to work with my Puppia harness that I have.
  • They couldn’t put a harness opening in the tummy warmer, but the neck opening sits a little farther back so I can still reach my d-ring if I wear a harness under the tummy warmer. (I could also probably fit a harness on top of the tummy warmer since it’s thin enough).
  • The coat doesn’t go in between my legs like some of the other coats I have, although I feel like I can move a little easier without any fabric there. Time will tell if it keeps me warm enough in the snow without something to protect my chest.

UPDATE – apparently there was a slight mix-up and my coat actually didn’t come with a harness hole, what I actually thought was a harness hole was a hole for a collar. So I think with a harness hole put in it will be at a better position to be used with my custom made harness. I’ll update everyone as soon as I get to test it out! Yipee!

ammo the dacshund k9 voyagers coat

Overall I think my new coats are the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. We’ll see how long they can hold up to the rigors of farm life!

P.S. Don’t forget Voyagers K9 can make custom coats to fit any size dog, even mixed breeds!


Disclosure – I was not paid or compensated to write this post for Voyagers K9, I simply thought their coats looked warm and snuggly!

  1. Amy Francisco11-03-11

    Oh Ammo, mom has looked at that same jacket for me!! She has liked it ever since you posted the link a couple of weeks ago, but she is also concerned about my chest being protected. She wants to know if your coat from is warm enough & protects your chest from the snow okay??


    • Ammo11-03-11

      My noodle and friends coats do protect my chest from the snow and are fairly warm, however after receiving my Voyagers K9 coat I think their coats might actually be a little warmer. Especially since they are custom made and fit more snug to my body. My noodle and friends coats are nice, but they never seem to be quite long enough for me (I am sorta long for a doxie).
      I do like having the open chest in the voyagers k9 coat because I can move around easier, in my noodle coats I tend to waddle a little bit and have trouble running. But it’s hard to say if I’ll miss the chest protection come the snowy season.
      I’m thinking though a good compromise might be to wear the tummy warmer from voyagers k9 underneath a noodle coat for extra warmth. That way you get the snug warmth of the tummy warmer but the chest protection (and harness dring) from noodle’s coat. I used to layer a sweater under my noodle coats but that can get kinda bulky, the tummy warmer is much thinner and seemingly warmer since it’s made from polarfleece.
      Hope that helps!

      • Amy & Jasper11-03-11

        Oh thank you Amoo, that defeinitely does help me & mom make our decisions. We don’t get alot of snow here, but as you know even a little bit of snow can be hard on a doxie’s chest & tummy. We will take all of your pros & cons & suggestions into consideration when making our coat purchases. 🙂


  2. Julia11-07-11

    After seeing this i went and got a pink one for my little Laila. She will be nice and warm in Canada this winter.
    Thanks Ammo and his mom

    • Ammo11-07-11

      Yay! pink, now that’s a fun color!

  3. Margaret e wilson09-18-15

    I am interested in your yellow coat with hood and tummy warmer. Can you give me some details and price. Also how long does it take to receive the coat after ordering?

    • Ammo09-18-15

      Glad you like the coats, unfortunately this is not a product we sell. I simply did a review for the company. You would have to contact them with any questions you might have.

  4. Jewel05-21-16

    Hello Ammo,
    Please share where you got the nice turquoise harness you wear. My mom has been looking for a harness that will fit me, but as you know with our very big chest not all harnesses work. Many of them have rubbed and caused sores on my legs. 🙁 I am about 17″ long and 13 lbs.
    Thank you!
    Your doxie friend,

  5. Denise Jones09-11-17

    interested in the the yellow Friday’s Fetch, Voyager K-9 Apparel for a mini dachshund 11 neck 14 chest 15-16 length. Please send me an e-mail with price and how long i will take to get it.

    • Ammo09-12-17

      We don’t actually sell any of these products on our website. You would need to follow the links in this post to contact the company that makes them.

  6. Diane11-12-18

    I have a small (runt) 20lbs shorthair dachshund FEMALE and most dog winter jackets are abdomen fitted for males. Have you ever created a wonderful fleece wrap with an extended under-belly covering for a “girl” that wraps up to the back leg front edge?

  7. joyce hatch12-04-18

    where do I purchase these coats?

  8. Joyce Delonti01-14-19

    I want to purchase the coat with hood in yellow. can’t seem to see where I do this and I need the size chart.

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