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Friday Fetch: Voyagers K9 Apparel

07 Oct Posted by in Friday Fetch | 4 comments
Friday Fetch: Voyagers K9 Apparel

voyagers K9 apparel Thanks to my pals over at Dog Milk, I now have a new must have item added to my Christmas List (You know, since my Birthday week is sadly coming to an end today). A winter coat from Voyagers K9 Apparel! The coolest part about their trendy looking coats – they make them to custom fit specific breeds (mixed breeds included!). Do you know how hard it is to find a coat to fit my short legged/long body? It’s really really hard.

I’m currently loving the tummy warmer coats & the winter coats – now I just have to figure out what color would look best on me! Yellow, Navy, Teal? And I’m hoping they can add a custom D-ring to my jacket so I can use it as a harness too! Oh and I guess I better start behaving now so Santa will just HAVE to get me a new coat for Christmas.

You can fetch your own coat at Voyagers K9 Apparel!

voyagers K9 apparel

voyagers K9 apparel

Voyagers K9 Apparel

Voyagers K9 Apparel

  1. Melinda10-07-11

    I am so glad to see this! (and Ammo your birth month is not over…) I have been looking at this site and the same two looks, wondering about color(s) AND thinking about how to make sure it either accommodates or has a harness d-ring! Ah, great minds…..Teagan and Melinda

    • Ammo10-07-11

      Oh….you’ll have to report back once you order one! Let us know how you like it. Mom says if I’m a very good boy up until Christmas that maybe Santa will bring me one. I’m thinking about asking them to attach a D-ring and add an opening for a harness. Then I’ll have options! And I do think the yellow is pretty fab!

  2. Cindy Armstrong12-05-16

    How can I buy two jackets for Paco and Coco, each about 16 pound Dachshunds?

    • Ammo12-06-16

      You would have to contact voyagers k9 via their website by following the links in our post. We do not actually sell the jackets. They do.

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