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nap  // Posts tagged as "nap"

03 Jul Posted by in Play | 1 comment

Adventure Awaits

Every once in a rare while I get to spend the day at home just relaxing. Dog stereotypes would state that I should relish in the fact that I get to nap all day long, but for me that’s just way too boring. How can you relax when there are adventures to be had; there’s […]


24 Jun Posted by in Art, Play, Work | 4 comments

Take Your Dog to Work Day

This past Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day, but for me it was no different than any other day, because I work most days with my mom in her custom frame shop. But, I decided to play the part anyway and instead of my usual sunbathing by the front door I threw on […]


23 May Posted by in Home | 2 comments

When it’s Hot

When it starts to get hot outside I start to do a lot more of this….. Ahhh, summertime….


16 May Posted by in Home | 9 comments

Under Cover

Today I’m going under cover. Sometimes a dog just needs a little getaway. Snuggled up in my favorite blankie – I’m relaxing today. No big adventures, no time for hunting bunnies in the backyard – just a day to catch up on my sleep! ZzZzzzzzzz. 


15 May Posted by in Art, Home | 14 comments

Nose Art

I may have talented paws (check out my original paintings HERE), but did you also know I have a talented nose? Oh yes, I’ve been working on my original “nose art” (seen above) for quite some time now. It takes patience and some long long naps on the couch to perfect my technique – and […]


22 Apr Posted by in Home | 3 comments

A Day of Rest

After my big excursion yesterday to the Spring Doxie Fest in Maryland, I decided to spend today resting. I probably look like this: Well at least for a little while. I can’t miss agility class this afternoon! Why rest when there are so many adventures to go on! And have no fear, if you weren’t […]


17 Apr Posted by in Work | 1 comment

Working Hard

Working Hard….or Hardly Working. What do you think? My idea of work might be a bit fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure no one’s complaining! 


27 Feb Posted by in Home | 3 comments

The Sunny Spot

Did you ever find that perfect sunny spot in the house? You know the one, it’s warm and soft, and makes you just want to snuggle up and close your eyes. There really is only one thing that can drag me from a sunny spot…..COOKIES! Do you have any? Because I’d gladly lend you my […]


26 Dec Posted by in Home | 2 comments

The Day After Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas, and lucky for me I have the day off of work! I’m very much looking forward to spending my day lounging around the house and catching up on some much needed napping. Not to worry though, I’ll be fully recharged in no time – and ready to share my Christmas […]


07 Nov Posted by in Home | 1 comment

Average Day

Not all of my days are as adventurous as the next. Sometimes I wake to find that today will just be an average day. Quiet and calm. Some might even say boring. It’s days like these that I get to rest up for my next big adventure. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. […]