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A Car Travel Bed to Keep your Dog Safe

18 Mar Posted by in Product Review | 25 comments

Disclaimer: This product review is NOT SPONSORED by anyone, but does contain affiliate links.

Since I was just a wee pup I have been traveling in the car in style in my booster seat(which also included a seatbelt).

ammo car seat

dachshund carseat

I’ve spent many a car trip in my booster seat over the years.

Ammo the Dachshund // Road Trip to Asheville, North Carolina

In fact I enjoy looking out the window from my seat so much that over the years I had flattened down the edge of it. Comfortable, yes, but safe? Mom begged to differ on that.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

Which is why for my mom’s Birthday a few weeks ago I got this brand new K&H Bucket Booster Seat.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

In fact, my family loves me so much that I ended up with two of them! Yes, due to a little mix-up I got both the large K&H Booster Seat and the small.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

I debated for a while which one to keep. The only difference between the two beds was that the large was about 4″ wider.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

Now even though the larger bed would of given me more room, my current booster seat was the exact same size as the small – so I was already pretty comfortable napping in it. In the end mom decided we should keep the small because it fit a little better in our car. The large would of made it difficult for my mom to put down the other seats in our car without removing the bed first, so since we transport a lot of large items it made more sense to keep the small one.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

Installing my new seat in the car was as easy as threading the seatbelt through the base.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

Underneath the included cushion you can thread your seatbelt through a heavy duty d-ring which comes with 2 seat belts for your dog (or dogs).

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

And one of my absolute favorite features of my new bed is the ability to add a heated pad! If you purchase this heat pad you can insert it into the cushion and thread the cord through the front of the bed.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

And it comes with a cord to plug it into your car. I’ve been using mine all the time and it gets nice and warm but not too hot that I wouldn’t want to lay in the bed for a couple hours (especially when I get a little chilly on the farm).

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

One of the things I did miss about my old bed was how soft the edges are and they were at the perfect height to rest my head on and look out the window. My new bed has rigged sides, but mom said perhaps she’ll make me a pillow to use with it. We also added a towel underneath the seat cushion to raise it up some so I can still rest my head on the arms and look out the window.

Travel Bed that's Safe for your dog in the Car // Ammo the Dachshund

As you can see it didn’t take me long to adjust to my new ride.

So if you’re looking for a great pet bed for the car I highly recommend the K&H Booster Seat. I’m looking forward to many years of adventures with mine! Ammo the Dachshund

*I was not paid or compensated to write this review. K&H doesn’t even know who I am, I just wanted to share how I’m loving my new car seat after many of you have requested more details!

*links in this post contain links to my amazon affiliate shop.

  1. JB03-18-14

    Oh Ammo, you lead such a rough life!

  2. Mr Lenny03-18-14

    Ya little stinker…youre so dang cute in the heated booster!…I like mine too..

  3. Dachshund Nola03-18-14

    What a nice ride! I have a Snoozer that I get strapped into with my Roadie car harness.

  4. bonnie dejewski03-27-14

    I have two doxies, daisy and oliver, minis, and we are planning to move to north Carolina the end of june from Wisconsin. I would really like your feedback on the best dog carseat to travel safely with our little ones. Any feedback would be most appreciated. We will be traveling in a Saturn vue suv. Maybe the larger booster? Something else? Thank you for your advice….special hi’s to
    Ammo, Trooper, and the Ponies! Bonnie

    • Ammo03-27-14

      I have tried 2 booster seats in my life and thus far the one in this post by K&H is my favorite. It’s the most secure one I have seen and it’s also very comfortable. I would go with the large for two dachshunds if you can spare the extra width in your car. The large is about 4″ wider than the small. Your dogs will definitely be more comfortable in the bigger one. Hope this helps!

  5. OP04-05-14

    Thank you for taking the time to write and post such a comprehensive piece on this car seat!

    I’ve been debating between the Snoozer Lookout and the Bucket Booster and your article is by far the best information I’ve found during my research. The photos from different angles are particularly helpful.

    I’m leaning towards the BB as it appears to connect to the car more securely (and less importantly, doesn’t look like a big rectangular blob), but I’m not sure which size to order.

    May I ask how long Ammo is? I have a 15 lb Bichon and while he’s not as long as a dachshund, he’s definitely on the longish side. His puppy beds have a sleeping area about 14 inches wide, but the sides are super soft so he can use the edge as a pillow.

    Thanks again and thanks for any advice!

    • Ammo04-05-14

      Glad my review could help! I’m about 17″ long and weigh 18lbs. I definitely like the bucket booster better than the snoozer. You are right, much more secure. And after raising up my seat I can still rest my head comfortably on the sides. Good luck in choosing a size!

  6. Kenisha05-23-14

    Hi, I found your review so informal. I have done so much research on the BB and the Snoozer and could not find as much information about the BB as I would have like. However your pictures and video are outstanding. I have SUV (qx56) and wasn’t sure if my pug would be elevated enough to look out the window without standing up. I would hate to purchase the BB online only to send it back if it did not meet my needs. What do you think? In your opinion is the BB high enough to allow my full grown pug the opportunity to look out the window without standing up? Please advise.

    • Ammo05-23-14

      I put a towel under the cushion of mine to raise the base a little. But I can see fine out the window while laying down with that. I think your pug will do fine with it, especially since pugs have longer legs than dachshunds. Hope this helps!

  7. Joan Solaun11-30-14

    Many thanks for to helpful pictures and explnations. Estela is a small Jack Russell – 10 inches and 10 lbs so maybe the small an d so far we share the front pssenger seat. Her predecessors, all larger Jack Russells, stood with hind legs on the edge of the back seat and front paws on the divider box between the two front seats. She only lay down after driving for hours. I will check out the options you show. Many thnks, Estela and Joan

  8. Tina05-30-15

    My doxie mix had the large I’ve and he loves riding around in it. It is a very nice and study booster seat.

  9. MaryJane Cooper10-26-15

    The Large Travel Seat sounds great for my two Doxies! Thank you for sharing this on Pinterest.
    I’m also interested in the yellow harness that Ammo is wearing; can you direct me to the site that sells it?
    Thank you, MaryJane

  10. Paulette macleod03-25-16

    Please tell me where I can buy the booster seat
    For my 7 year old Doxie which just came to me in October last year and is scared in the car.

  11. amy06-18-16

    hello from Australia! I found it quite hard to find a supplier that will send this seat to Australia! After searching high and low I ended up purchasing one of eBay! Amazon was going to charge double the products actual price in postage. After reading your review I had to get one! love your review! I haven’t found any others like it and since I am a new dachshund owner it was very helpful! A fresh breathe of air! Thank you!!! I can’t wait to use mine!

  12. Hilary Dawson03-02-17

    Ammo the Dachshund, my puppies want to be just like you and they love their puppy booster seat

  13. Bea Zúñiga03-02-17

    Hi Ammo the Dachshund ,my baby loves this super comfy booster seat!

  14. Raquel Lei03-02-17

    Thanks Ammo. My babies have the first car seat. They love the edges as well. Will look into this new one that you have!

  15. Erika Gayle03-02-17

    Just got my puppy this car seat a month ago

  16. Betsy Davis03-02-17

    A heated seat-my babies would love it!

  17. Sunny Mac03-02-17

    my dog loves his puppy seat, its safe and cozy

  18. Susan R Simpson03-03-17

    That is totally awesome Ammo, you are riding in style.

  19. Stacy Gonzales05-05-17

    So glad I came across this recommendation. My doxie Frank has went through a couple car seats and seems to wear them down but this looks like the perfect solution and with a heater! No more shivers for him!!

  20. Elena01-21-18

    He looks very happy, and he is very handsome in his yellow coat. Congratulations for your blog. A greeting from Spain.

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