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Virginia Excursion Part 1

03 Nov Posted by in Farm | 1 comment

So, after hearing about my big win at the Equine Extravaganza, there are still a lot of details I left out of my big trip – like what I did when I wasn’t performing for the masses!

After driving for 6 plus hours on Friday (it was apparently only supposed to take 4) we arrived in the dark at the Meadow Event Park in Virginia. I had to wait patiently while my pal Minnow got his stall bedded and he was tucked in for the night. Then I got to check into the hotel where I was staying! yipee!

You mean I get to sleep on the bed??

Of course one of the first things I had to do was check out my new digs, especially the bath tub. You all know how I love a hot bath!

After a good nights sleep I was up early and headed to the Event Park.

There was a lot of scrambling around on Saturday morning, readying props, getting dressed in costumes, and before I knew it I was running into the arena with my pal Minnow. (watch the video here).

Then after a lot of meet & greet with my fans and fellow competitors I took a much needed nap in the car while mom went to check out the rest of the expo (where apparently dogs weren’t allowed).

When are they going to make saddles for dogs?

Then mom came back and I got to go for a walk with my friend Minnow.

Me and Minnow have a very special friendship

Some of my very lucky fans even got to witness the “rarely seen” pony rubs dachshund’s belly – where Minnow helps a guy out and rubs my belly for me. Trust me, I don’t show this to everyone! (although my mom did catch it on film once.)

Later I took a little detour to check out the “facilities” at the park. I guess they meet my standards.

Then it was back to the hotel for the night.

But don’t worry, my adventure didn’t stop there! Check back tomorrow to learn about the rest of my trip!

  1. Fiona and Abby11-03-10

    I love your pal Minnow – your two look like great buddies!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

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