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Super Dog vs. Super Pony – who won?

02 Nov Posted by in Farm | 3 comments

As my facebook fans know, I’m back from my amazing trip to the Equine Extravaganza to compete in the talent contest with my pony pal, Chincoteague Minnow.

And guess what!!?? I came back as the winner! Well ok, Minnow & I are the winners!

Mom was kinda nervous for the performance, but Minnow & I knew exactly what we were doing. Just check it out for yourself:

We were up against some stiff competition….

But I think it was my adorableness that won the judges over. I also threw in a few extra moves of my own to really wow them too…..Like digging a REALLY REALLY big hole. I mean did you hear all the laughs I got? I have to admit I’m kinda bitter that the crowd clapped the loudest for Minnow & he won the super hero trophy…..I guess I can give him that one though, since it WAS a HORSE EXPO.

Not only did I win glory in the contest, but I also won the opportunity to have a private training session with Movie Star Animal Trainer, Doug Sloan. I can see myself now in a kibble commercial, or maybe the next marvel super hero movie! I mean after all the 2008 talent contest winner, Amazing Grace, became a movie star after she won! So hey, it could happen to me right?

But, even if I don’t become a super star, my mom said she’ll always be proud of me, and I don’t need a fancy movie role to be special.

And you know, my mom’s right. Because I perform to make people smile and laugh, and because it’s fun! (not to mention the chicken and cheese mom gives me is to die for!)

So maybe someday you will see me on the big screen, but if not, I’ll be just as happy to continue to make my fans smile.

P.S. I have lots more photos to share from my adventuresome weekend….so check back tomorrow….you can also head over to the Trick Ponies Blog to see more videos from my travels.

  1. Linda11-02-10

    What a wonderful story. Congrats to you Ammo and Minnow!!! And you are already a star!

  2. Alie06-03-11

    The two of you put on a great show!!

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