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weiner dog blog  // Posts tagged as "weiner dog blog"

29 Aug Posted by in Art, Farm, Performances | 2 comments

Ponies, Dogs, and Movie Stars, Oh My!

Ponies, Dogs, and Movie Stars, Oh My!

You might remember that back in July the Painting Ponies and I began filming for the a brand new Painting Pony DVD. And while my Uncle Taylor still has lots of editing to do before we can release our big Trick Performances DVD, I just couldn’t wait any longer to share our new Intro Video […]


08 Aug Posted by in Adventure | 2 comments

Dachshunds Allowed in the Automatic Car Wash

Last weekend I got to go on a brand new adventure! When Mom pulled up to the automatic car wash, I had no idea what was in store. There seemed to be a lot of “No” rules – but thank goodness it didn’t say “No wiener dogs”. I watched in fascination as the swirly-ma-jigs and […]


31 Jul Posted by in Training | 9 comments

I Am A Therapy Dog

You may remember that last month I took my canine good citizen and therapy dog test….and PASSED! Well just last week a package from Therapy Dog International came in the mail for me! I was so excited to see that now that all the paperwork is complete, I am an official certified therapy dog. Not […]


25 Jul Posted by in Play | Comments

Imagination Hat – Under the Sea

As you may already know, I’m on an imagination adventure while my pal Minnow the Painting Pony is performing at Pony Penning all week with my mom. Yesterday I went to outer space and today I’m on a journey Under the Sea! I made sure to pack my flippers, and it’s a good thing I’m […]


24 Jul Posted by in Play | 5 comments

Imagination Hat – Trip to Outer Space

Since Mom is away this week in Chincoteaugue, Virginia with Minnow the Painting Pony I’m having my own little adventure with my imagination hat. I’m glad you decided to join me, because today I’m taking a trip into outer space! There are so many stars and planets up here – it’s really quite amazing. Mom […]


19 Jul Posted by in Fetching Finds | 9 comments

Product Review: Outward Hound Life Vest for Dogs

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago mom purchased me a life vest from amazon just in time for my paddleboarding adventure. Seeing as how some of my fans may be in the market for a life vest as well I thought I’d give you all a little rundown of how I’m liking it […]


18 Jul Posted by in Farm, Performances | 6 comments

Ammo the Movie Star is Here!

Ok, so maybe I won’t really be seeing my name on a star in Hollywood (a dog can dream) – but in the World of Magical Painting Ponies, I am a movie star! (and technically I have been on National Television before via Animal Planet – check it out here) Last week my Uncle Taylor […]


16 Jul Posted by in Adventure, Play | 9 comments

Beating the Heat – Canoeing down the Brandywine River

Last weekend I took an expedition down the Brandywine River via canoe. You may remember that I went on a similar adventure last summer. This time it was a much bigger family affair as even my Uncle Taylor came too while he was up visiting from North Carolina. Since we only have one canoe at […]


13 Jul Posted by in Friday Fetch | 2 comments

Friday Fetch: Pet First Aid Kits

Friday Fetch: Pet First Aid Kits

This week I got stung by a bee! I know the horror! My mom noticed pretty quickly that I had been stung because I stopped barking at a deer in my backyard to lick my leg. After a few minutes my leg started to swell a bit – and then about an hour later I […]


12 Jul Posted by in Agility | 13 comments

Practicing Contacts on the A-Frame at Agility Class

Last week I had my regularly scheduled dog agility classes at DTCCC, only this time was special because my dad was home from work so he got to come watch me! Of course I was super excited to show dad all the things I’ve been learning in class – and I went so fast that […]