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practice  // Posts tagged as "practice"

18 Apr Posted by in Adventure, Training | 17 comments

Practicing in Public

Practicing in Public

It’s that time of year when it seems I find myself visiting the hardware store almost every weekend. Mom and Dad are always coming up with projects that need to be done around the house in the Spring. Mom says it’s the perfect place for me to tag along and practice all my “behaving in […]


15 Jul Posted by in Agility | 3 comments

Dog Agility on the Farm

Dog Agility on the Farm

It’s been a while since I shared much about my ongoing agility training. The fact is, I actually haven’t been to any training classes since last year, mostly I blame it on my mom because her schedule got too hectic to take me. But even though I may not be taking regular classes, that doesn’t […]


08 May Posted by in Throwback Thursday | Comments

Throwback Thursday: Training Day

To become as skilled as I have in performing and learning tricks there is also a lot of behind the scenes training that goes on. Since I was just 8 weeks old mom has been helping me learn cues and tricks. Consistency is key, and also having a pocket full of treats! Check out my […]


19 Feb Posted by in Agility | 1 comment

Dog Agility Training – the off days

As you may already know I have been taking agility training classes for a long time now. I have yet to ever compete, and someday I might, but mostly I just enjoy the exercise and mental stimulation. However, despite my love of running the courses, sometimes I have off days too. For example last week […]


06 Jun Posted by in Farm, Play | 8 comments

Playing Golf with Dad

My Dad loves to go golfing, he says it’s one of his most favorite things to do. So you can imagine my disappointment that dad hasn’t invited me along on any of his golf outings yet. But all that is about to change, because I’ve been practicing…. See, I’m off to find the holes!


14 May Posted by in Adventure, Training | 5 comments

I went on a Barn Hunt

On Mother’s Day I got to go on a very special adventure with my mom (dad came too). We packed up the car and headed south to New Jersey for a Barn Hunt Practice! Barn Hunts were created to honor the traditional role of “ratcatchers” in ridding barns and properties of vermin. Barn Hunts are […]


29 Apr Posted by in Agility, D.I.Y | 6 comments

DIY: Build Your own 2×2 Agility Weave Poles

You might remember that back in November I posted a tutorial on how to build your own agility weave poles with the help of my friends at the Dog Agility Shop. Well when winter rolled around I had to pack up my poles since it was just too cold to practice outdoors. That was until […]


15 Apr Posted by in Adventure, Farm, Training | 8 comments

Adventures at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply Company, only the holy mecca for farm boys like me! And lucky me, I got to go on a Tractor Supply adventure over the weekend. TSC has everything, from clothing, to dog food, hardware supplies and more – it’s hard to not find something that you need at a place like this. I […]


12 Mar Posted by in Agility, Training | 3 comments

Tunnel Time!

Mom had a Birthday last week, and like any spoiled well loved pooch, I got presents too! Welcome to my new dog agility tunnel, won’t you come inside? Ammo practicing his #agility skills in the #tunnel #pets #dachshund #dog — Kyley (@kyleydiluigi) March 11, 2013   My superstar #dachshund #agility #pets #dog #tunnel […]


15 Jan Posted by in Agility, Sponsors | 3 comments

Dog Agility – Practicing the Chute

Every week I attend a dog agility class with mom at the Dog Training Center of Chester County. After several months of classes now I’m really starting to get the hang of things. Waiting for my turn on the course is one of the hardest things about going to class, it’s just too much fun! […]