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painting pony  // Posts tagged as "painting pony"

06 Mar Posted by in Farm | Comments

Missing the Farm

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I’m a pretty active guy. I’m always going on exciting adventures, taking training classes, and generally just running around (boy do I love to run). But ever since Mom had surgery I’ve had to stay home a lot to take care of her. […]


31 Jan Posted by in Farm | 1 comment

Minnow goes to New Bolton

On Monday I arrived at the farm early to take my pal Minnow on a special outing. Mom said Minnow was headed to the New Bolton Center, an internationally renowned large animal hospital, in other words the VET! When we arrived I had to wait in the car, which was perfectly fine with me because […]


17 Jan Posted by in Farm | 5 comments

Farmyard Fun with a Dog in the Fog

This is totally going to be the name of my children’s book someday, “Farmyard Fun with a Dog in the Fog”. It sounds like something straight out of a Dr. Suess book. And truth be told, I always have a lot of farmyard fun in the fog! The damp blanket of foggy goodness seems to […]


09 Jan Posted by in Lend a Helping Paw | 8 comments

Wrapping up the 13 Project

Now that it’s 2013 it’s time to wrap up my journey with the 13 Project. Several months ago Serena from Pretty Fluffy had invited me to join The 13 Project, a wonderful initiative to get involved and help animals! So I put on my cape and decided to be the best hero I could to help […]


03 Jan Posted by in Performances | 2 comments

The Year in Pup Culture: Ammo on Animal Planet

You might remember that I mentioned that I would be appearing on the new animal planet show, The Year in Pup Culture, which aired on December 22, 2012. It’s an action-packed hour of non-stop, over-the-top cuteness. THE YEAR IN PUP CULTURE looks back at the defining moments of 2012 as only Animal Planet can — with puppies! […]


12 Dec Posted by in Art | 2 comments

Super Pony DVD Release!

The day has finally come! It’s time to announce the official release of the brand-new Super Pony DVD, staring the talented Minnow from Painting Pony…..and ME! Thanks to my talented Uncle Taylor and Depthink Productions, we began filming for the DVD this past summer, and I’m so excited that it’s finally ready to share with […]


06 Dec Posted by in Adventure | 5 comments

The Year in Pup Culture, Starring Ammo!

Ok, well maybe I won’t be the “star” per say, but I am in fact going to be on an upcoming television show on Animal Planet this month! I bet you didn’t know you were in the presence of a celebrity! In fact, I’ve actually been on national television several times before. First a clip […]


21 Nov Posted by in Lend a Helping Paw | 2 comments

13 Project Update and Thanksgiving Wishes

We’re a day away from Thanksgiving, and it has me thinking of all the animals out there that don’t have a family to spend turkey day with. I wish I could open my door to every single one of them, but since that’s just not feasible I know I can help to do my part […]


09 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | 3 comments

The 13 Project!

Last week Serena from Pretty Fluffy invited me to join The 13 Project, a wonderful initiative to get involved and help animals! THE 13 PROJECT The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013. We have exactly 13 weeks left of this year, so what better way […]


21 Sep Posted by in Friday Fetch | 2 comments

Friday Fetch: White Faux Taxidermy Dog Busts

Friday Fetch: White Faux Taxidermy Dog Busts

Don’t freak out, we’re not talking REAL Taxidermy here (which is sort of creepy if you ask me). You may recall that I’m a HUGE art lover (I work in a frame shop, paint pictures, and hang out with some famous painting ponies), so when I discovered White Faux Taxidermy on Etsy I was in […]