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iron horse farm  // Posts tagged as "iron horse farm"

13 Nov Posted by in Farm | 2 comments

Horse Show Helper

Over the weekend we held the last of our series of horse events at the farm for the season. I’m always the bestest of helpers, see there’s me guarding the arena equipment before the show starts! I take on many duties when event day arrives – here’s me and Trooper helping to set up the […]


17 Sep Posted by in Farm | 5 comments

Bringing the Beach Home

Last week some farm machinery showed up on the farm, and along with it came some sand! Word on the street was that the ponies were getting sand footing for their arena. In translation…..HOLY COW I WAS GETTING A BEACH! Trooper and I were quite intrigued by our newly found farm beach (as we dubbed […]


31 Jul Posted by in Farm, Training | 6 comments

Watch This

Whenever it’s time to work on training the ponies I’m never too far as I love offering encouraging words to my ponies as they learn new skills and tricks. My buddy Boomerang here is learning how to be more comfortable on a teeter totter. Sometimes though, the ponies learn best by watching someone else do […]


10 Jul Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 3 comments

New York or Bust

Over the 4th of July weekend I packed up my ponies and headed north 5 hours to New York! After so many pit-stops I was fully expecting to end up in the big apple, but instead I ended up in the middle of nowhere at a horse campground! I unpacked my ponies and tucked them in […]


08 Apr Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 14 comments


The last few weeks I’ve been busy helping with construction at the farm – most specifically the site of Trooper’s new house. From helping to install insulation….. …to helping to make cuts on the table saw, I’ve pretty much become a house building expert! (don’t worry, I don’t actually use the saw, I simply bark […]


18 Feb Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 7 comments

Big Blizzard

Last Thursday when I awoke there was a whole lot of snow outside my door. As in 15+ inches of fluffy white stuff! Of course the first thing I did was pile on my jackets and head outdoors to catch some snowflakes! Running like a crazy dog through the snow was totally worth being chilly […]


29 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Farm, Play | 11 comments

Sledding with the Ponies

Over the weekend I decided to go on a sledding adventure at the farm. So I grabbed my favorite ponies (Minnow, Blitz and Boomer) and hitched them to a sled for some fun! Trooper and I had a blast chasing the sleds – we even made it a little friendly competition out of who could […]


14 Jan Posted by in Farm | Comments

Weekend Smiles

Over the weekend I visited my ponies on the farm. It was muddy and wet and oh so much fun! I even had a little fun digging for critters! What kind of fun did you have this weekend? 


09 Jan Posted by in Farm, Play | 3 comments

Snowballs and winter fun

Last weekend on the farm we had some lingering snow, the kind of snow that was perfect for snowballs! Trooper and I wasted no time in having a little game out of who could catch the most. After a few failed attempts on my part to catch said snowballs (it would probably help if I […]


19 Nov Posted by in Farm | 9 comments

Frolicking on the Farm

Over the weekend the temperatures rose to a comfortable 65 degrees on the farm, which meant I found myself soaking up all the sun I could before it inevitably turns cold once again. I ran and ran and celebrated being free! I kept on running until Trooper came to get me to help with the […]