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hot dog  // Posts tagged as "hot dog"

13 Nov Posted by in Product Review | 5 comments

Trendy Coats to Keep your Dachshund Warm

If you have are owned by a dachshund then you know how hard it can be to find items to fit them. And even sometimes when you can find something that fits – it’s not always the most flattering of outfits. My friends, it doesn’t have to be so, because my pals at Noodle and […]


12 Nov Posted by in Play | 6 comments

What Does the Fox Say?

So I might be a little behind on the internet craze with the music video, What does the fox say, but I’ve totally been singing along to it’s catchy tune since last week. So catchy in fact that I dug out my “fox” costume and had a little fun. (If you’re behind like me, you […]


16 Jul Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 1 comment

I went to the Rodeo

You might remember that a couple of months ago I visited the Rodeo in Amish Country, well this time I was back to watch my mom and Boomerang compete in it! Boomer was competing in a sport called Team Penning, which basically means that three riders have 90 seconds to round up three cows that […]


09 Jul Posted by in Home, Play | 7 comments

Day at the Pool

One of the great things about the summer is getting to spend the day at my mom mom & pop pop’s pool. I wouldn’t say that I love to swim or anything, but floating around on a raft in the water is a pretty good time. I’ve become sort of an expert at patrolling the […]


04 Jul Posted by in Play | 3 comments

Happy 4th!

Today I’m holding my flag high and celebrating the day of freedom for my home country, the good old US of A! I’m proud to live in a country that gives me the freedom to be my greatest dog-gone self! So Happy Fourth of July everyone! Enjoy your backyard cookouts, parades, and fireworks and remember […]


28 Jun Posted by in Friday Fetch | Comments

Friday Fetch: Joss & Main goes to the Dachshunds

Friday Fetch: Joss & Main goes to the Dachshunds

I love to shop (who doesn’t), so when one of my favorite deal sites, Joss & Main, offered up a collection of Dachshund (and dog) merchandise I couldn’t wait to share it with you! Because the only thing better than a Dachshund in the home, is a home with lots of Dachshund decor too! You […]


24 Jun Posted by in Art, Play, Work | 3 comments

Take Your Dog to Work Day

This past Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day, but for me it was no different than any other day, because I work most days with my mom in her custom frame shop. But, I decided to play the part anyway and instead of my usual sunbathing by the front door I threw on […]


12 Jun Posted by in Product Review | 3 comments

Fashion Show with my Friends Mattie & Margot

Have you heard of Mattie & Margot? If not, then you are missing out my friend. Makers of stylish handmade dog collars, Mattie & Margot carry every color under the sun, and they’re just what I needed to brighten up my summer! I purchased one of Mattie & Margot’s Mystery Collars (in yellow) and received […]


21 May Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 2 comments

Rodeo in Amish Country

On Monday nights there is a rodeo of sorts held in the heart of Amish Country – practically right outside my backdoor. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a trip to the Hillbrook Rodeo! Tucked away in farm country this rodeo is open to riders of all ages – boasting barrel […]


28 Feb Posted by in Throwback Thursday | 2 comments

Throwback Thursday: The Head Tilt

It’s Throwback Thursday time! I dug through my old puppy photos and pulled out these gems to share with you today. I was pretty cute, right? Well it’s about to get even cuter – because there is one thing I’m pretty sure none of you can resist…’s the elusive puppy head tilt! What’s that you […]