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dauxie  // Posts tagged as "dauxie"

04 Sep Posted by in Play | 1 comment

Dressed up Dachshund

Did you ever just feel like getting dressed up? You know, slicking back your hair and putting on your fanciest bowtie? Makes a dog feel pretty good! Check out my 5 minute no sew bowtie! 


12 Jun Posted by in Product Review | 3 comments

Fashion Show with my Friends Mattie & Margot

Disclaimer: This review is brought to you by Mattie & Margot. Have you heard of Mattie & Margot? If not, then you are missing out my friend. Makers of stylish handmade dog collars, Mattie & Margot carry every color under the sun, and they’re just what I needed to brighten up my summer! I purchased […]


28 Mar Posted by in D.I.Y | 17 comments

5 Minute No Sew DIY Easter Bowtie for your Pet

You all know I love a good DIY project, and when it takes less then 5 minutes and requires no sewing (for my mom who is not so handy with a needle and thread) it’s just an added bonus! So for Easter this year my mom helped me whip up some quick DIY Bowties that […]


27 Feb Posted by in Home | 3 comments

The Sunny Spot

Did you ever find that perfect sunny spot in the house? You know the one, it’s warm and soft, and makes you just want to snuggle up and close your eyes. There really is only one thing that can drag me from a sunny spot…..COOKIES! Do you have any? Because I’d gladly lend you my […]


14 Feb Posted by in Play | 5 comments

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends

Yay, it’s finally here! Valentine’s Day! Today is the day to share your love with those you care about (although you should make it a point to do that every day!). I’ve always thought Valentine’s Day is great, especially when you’re wearing rose colored glasses! I can see things so much clearly now….. ….like how […]


24 Jan Posted by in Agility | 9 comments

Progress Report on Dog Agility

As you probably know, I’ve been taking weekly agility training classes since last spring. I’ve come pretty far in my training, but I still have lots to learn until I’m ready to compete. Last week I had a visitor at class…..which means I have video proof that I’m an agility dog! Yay! This week I […]


14 Jan Posted by in Performances | 1 comment

Spring Doxiefest

We still have the winter to get through first, but I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring. Especially this year, because it marks the 3rd Annual Spring Doxiefest in Bel Air, Maryland! This year I will be attending this event on Sunday, April 21, 2013 from 11am – 3pm to be hosted by the Coast […]


10 Apr Posted by in Home | 2 comments

The non-Adventure Days

Contrary to popular belief, not “everyday” is an adventure at my house. On those rare days that there isn’t much going on, I can be found like this. Fighting the urge to sleep, because you never know when you need to be ready for your next big adventure. It’s best to sleep with one eye […]


08 Mar Posted by in Home, Play | 10 comments

The Super Hero Code

Being a Super Hero means many different things. Not only do you have duties to uphold, but you also have to live by the Super Hero Code. And since you are my friends, I’m going to share with you the super top-secret Super Hero Code. Which means this is on a need-to know basis….and I […]


22 Sep Posted by in Play | 4 comments

An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

Friday is the first day of Autumn here in the good old US of A. Which means the apple tree in my back yard is looking a lot like this lately: Fall is my favorite time of year, not only is my Birthday in 2 weeks (October 5th to be exact), but it’s the anniversary […]