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chester county  // Posts tagged as "chester county"

10 Sep Posted by in Farm | 6 comments

Farm Dog Duties

Farm Dog Duties

Farm life isn’t always fun and games, sometimes there are important chores to be done. When a big delivery of hay from our farmer friends showed up at the barn, I knew Trooper and I would have a busy afternoon helping to unload it. So it was up to the hay loft to prepare for […]


18 Feb Posted by in Adventure | 5 comments

Frozen Lake

On Valentine’s Day my mom and dad surprised me and told me that we’d be taking a trip to the lake. I couldn’t wait as it’s one of my favorite spots and I was looking forward to romping in the sand! Only when we got to the lake and I sat on the edge of […]


15 Jan Posted by in Adventure | 4 comments

Dachshund Attempts to Fly Plane

It’s been a few years since I’ve set paw on the airport runway, but just after Christmas I decided it was high time I took to the sky once again. Last time I took to the air (my very first time in fact), I was just a passenger, but this time I figured – why not just […]


19 Dec Posted by in Dog Days of Cheer | 4 comments

12 Days of Cheer! Visiting Santa

12 Days of Cheer! Visiting Santa

Every year as per my family tradition I take a trip to visit Santa. I’ve been telling old Kris Kringle my Christmas wish list since I was just 9 weeks old! (although it appears I may have missed 2009…oops). 2008 2010 2011 2012 This year mom and dad decided to take me to the local […]


06 Aug Posted by in Adventure | 4 comments

The Goshen Country Fair is for Dogs

The Goshen Country Fair is exactly what you think of when you picture a country fair. Livestock, carnival rides and games, music, blueberry pie, cotton candy, and dogs! This past weekend I got to attend the fair for some good old fashioned hometown fun! To kick off my adventure I checked out the Pet Show […]


24 Jun Posted by in Art, Play, Work | 4 comments

Take Your Dog to Work Day

This past Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day, but for me it was no different than any other day, because I work most days with my mom in her custom frame shop. But, I decided to play the part anyway and instead of my usual sunbathing by the front door I threw on […]


03 Jun Posted by in Adventure | 1 comment

Bandit at the Devon Horse Show

I’ve been a regular at the Devon Horse Show, one of the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed competitions in the United States, since I was just a wee thing. This year was no exception as I couldn’t pass up attending the most exciting night at Devon – the Grand Prix, where horses jump fences over 5 […]


18 Mar Posted by in Performances | Comments

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Over the weekend my mom and dad went to a very special event (which I was not invited to – the nerve) called the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. It sounded like so much fun that I thought I would share their adventure with everyone, even if I didn’t get to see it with my own […]


11 Sep Posted by in Farm | 1 comment

Mounted Games and Versatility with the Ponies

On Sunday we held another competition at the farm. When we hold competitions, they typically aren’t what you think of when you hear “horse show”. No, you won’t see any fancied up ponies parading around an arena earning marks for good looks. Instead you’ll see handy ponies navigating obstacles in our versatility trail and top […]


07 Aug Posted by in Farm | 6 comments

Quiet Days on the Farm

Life on my family horse farm can be quite peaceful. I enjoy spending a lot of my time around the ponies – just quietly soaking in all the sounds and smells of the farm. Yes – it CAN BE quite peaceful. But other days, there are groundhogs to hunt! On these days, peaceful and quiet […]