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10 Oct Posted by in Adventure | 3 comments

Super Model Dachshund

You might remember that last month I had my photo taken by professional photographer, Brenda Carpenter, in the Mutt Room during the Devon Fall Classic Horse Show. I love the photos Brenda took of me so much, that I could hardly decide which ones to order. But while I wait for my prints to arrive […]


04 Oct Posted by in Birthday | 1 comment

Birthday Week: Get to Know Me

Birthday Week: Get to Know Me

I thought it would be fun to dive a little deeper into the true me during Birthday Week, just like I did last year when I answered some of your burning questions. So with a little help from my mom we came up with 10 new questions for me to answer that will help you […]


24 Sep Posted by in Farm | 4 comments

Fall Jacket Time

It’s that time of year again where I get to break out my fall and winter wardrobe – as it’s been getting a bit cooler now. I tend to wear my jackets a lot more when I’m on the farm – gotta keep warm and toasty when hunting for groundhogs. And as a bonus, I […]


20 Sep Posted by in Farm | Comments

Construction on the Farm

The construction on Trooper’s new house at the farm has really been moving along pretty quickly. Every time I come there is something new to look at. I was admiring the handiwork from afar, when I decided, what the hey – lets go check it out! Up close Trooper’s new house looked solid enough. But […]


18 Sep Posted by in Home, Play | 3 comments

Backyard Super Hero

I was playing with my next door neighbor, Harley the Rottweiler, when I happened to mention that I’m a Super Hero. She laughed and said “That’s silly Ammo, you don’t even have a Super Hero outfit”. So I quickly bounded inside to show her that yes, in fact I do have a Super Hero outfit, […]


13 Sep Posted by in Farm | 17 comments

The Hunt for My Missing Collar

It’s true, on Monday night I lost my collar somewhere on the farm. My pretty one from the Polka Dog Line at Target, complete with my new Blanket ID tag, and my new Cropscotch tag, and even my two new Rubit Clips. Sigh, I was sort of in the dog house when I told mom […]


09 Aug Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 1 comment

Sweet Hole-digging Heaven!

Oh sweet glorious day! You’ll never guess what showed up on the farm! You are gonna pee your pants in excitement, just like I did! It’s a backhoe!! As in, ground hogs watch out, I’ve hit the hole-digging jackpot. I’m totally serious when I say this (just look at my face), this is like the […]


07 Aug Posted by in Farm | 6 comments

Quiet Days on the Farm

Life on my family horse farm can be quite peaceful. I enjoy spending a lot of my time around the ponies – just quietly soaking in all the sounds and smells of the farm. Yes – it CAN BE quite peaceful. But other days, there are groundhogs to hunt! On these days, peaceful and quiet […]


02 Aug Posted by in Farm | 10 comments

For the Love of the Hunt

Did you ever just love something so much that it didn’t matter how ridiculous or how embarrassing it made you look – you loved it just the same? Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – you just gotta be you! Me, I’m overly enthusiastic when it comes to hunting my groundhogs on […]


23 Apr Posted by in Farm | 2 comments

Did you pack your Swimmies?

Some of my weekend plans got washed away when a big storm came rolling in on Saturday night. I’ll admit, I was a little sad that I had to spend most of my weekend inside of the barn instead of hunting groundhogs and running around the farm. In fact, I was tempted just to park […]