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22 Aug Posted by in Adventure | 7 comments

Higbee Beach – My Trip to the Dog Friendly Beach

The main reason for my camping excursion to Cape May last weekend was to hit up one of the all year round dog friendly beaches, Higbee Beach. I’ve been to the beach a few times before (this was my first trip to Higbee), but every time I went it was either rainy or cold, and […]


03 Jul Posted by in Play | 1 comment

Adventure Awaits

Every once in a rare while I get to spend the day at home just relaxing. Dog stereotypes would state that I should relish in the fact that I get to nap all day long, but for me that’s just way too boring. How can you relax when there are adventures to be had; there’s […]


27 Jun Posted by in Play | 15 comments

King of the Castle

For those of you who did not know, I’m the King of my Castle. I rule with an iron fist and and a bark that could frighten a lion. It’s true, I even have a crown to prove it! As King I demand cookies, daily entertainment in the form of tug-o-war, and all the belly […]


10 Jun Posted by in Play | 5 comments

The Instincts of a True Hunter

Being a Dachshund means that I was born to hunt, most specifically I was born to hunt down holes! So when an opportunity presents itself for some real-life burrowing practice I can’t possibly pass up the ability to show off my skills. After all I am an expert hunter and burrower. It’s a shame their […]


26 Apr Posted by in Friday Fetch, Product Review | 4 comments

Friday Fetch: Pet Trackers for Dogs

Friday Fetch: Pet Trackers for Dogs

I spend a lot of my time on my family’s 20 acre horse farm and while I love roaming the open land, I admit, I do like to push the natural boundaries a bit. Our farm is not fenced for dogs (me and Trooper) and for the most part I usually don’t wander too far […]


24 Apr Posted by in Farm | 3 comments

Smarter than the average Cat

Ok I admit, I’ve been kinda busy scouting my groundhog holes on the farm (now that Spring has sprung and the critters are out to play) and not enough time attending to my girlfriend, Cricket the farmcat. So when I spotted Cricket’s attempt at giving herself a brush with one of the ponies’ brushes, I […]


16 Apr Posted by in Farm, Home | 2 comments

Gardening with Ammo

With the warm weather beginning to pop in around my area the plants are starting to grow. It also means that it’s time for me to start my garden! Left to fend for itself over the winter, my garden was looking a bit sad. Luckily I’m not afraid of some hard work, so I got […]


04 Feb Posted by in Let's Get Tricky!, Training | 6 comments

Let’s Get Tricky! Teach your Dog to Army Crawl

Let’s Get Tricky! Teach your Dog to Army Crawl

Being a super hero I need to have certain tricks up my sleeves and on my tool belt. Tricks that can get me out of sticky situations, help me combat evil, and well, make me quicker and more agile when shimmying down groundhog holes! It’s because of this that I have learned to army crawl! […]


22 Jan Posted by in Product Review | 4 comments

My New Yellow Glowdoggie Collar

Disclaimer: This review is brought to you by Glowdoggie. My pals over at Glowdoggie (Hi Leila and Harriet!) recently sent me a new lightsaber led glow collar to take for a whirl. I’m no stranger to the super awesome LED collars that Glowdoggie sells, in fact I currently own the red, blue, and green mini […]


15 Jan Posted by in Agility, Sponsors | 3 comments

Dog Agility – Practicing the Chute

Every week I attend a dog agility class with mom at the Dog Training Center of Chester County. After several months of classes now I’m really starting to get the hang of things. Waiting for my turn on the course is one of the hardest things about going to class, it’s just too much fun! […]