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26 Apr Posted by in Farm | Comments

Running with the Ponies

I may not have been frolicking around in the pasture with the ponies in real life, but I certainly was in spirit (although you can catch a glimpse of me in the video below). Blitz, Boomerang and Minnow really know how to have a good time! Nothing like a good romp in the mud on […]


19 Apr Posted by in Farm | 6 comments

Dirt, Tunnels, and Spring-time Baths

Sometimes I’m completely perplexed as to how I land myself in the bathtub at the end of the day. However, this was not one of those times. See last week the ponies had a new “obstacle” set up in the arena that I just couldn’t keep my paws off of. It’s enticing “dirtiness” and tunneling […]


28 Mar Posted by in Farm, Play | 7 comments

Super Hero Beach Day

On Monday I decided to take a break from every day life and head to the beach with some of my pony pals. We took a two hour ride down to Cape Henlopen in Delaware for a little romp by the seaside. My pal Boomerang was so excited to get to the sand that he […]


20 Mar Posted by in Farm, Play | 3 comments

Early Spring at the Lake

In Pennsylvania we’re having an early Spring this year. Even though today is the official first day of Spring, in the weeks leading up we’ve been having glorious 70 degree weather. I’m all about this warm weather, which is why yesterday I decided to take a trip with my ponies to Marsh Creek State Park. […]


06 Mar Posted by in Farm | 6 comments

Hoof Trimmings

Last week on the farm I found a sweet surprise! The farrier had been to the farm and left behind a hoof trimming – which is a real delicacy for us dogs! As you can see my friend Boomerang thought it was quite comical that I was chewing on a piece of horse hoof – […]


20 Feb Posted by in Farm | 10 comments

Hay is for Horses

During the winter months, the ponies require hay – since there isn’t really any grass for them to eat. I’m all for giving my ponies what they want…..but they sure do eat a lot. Just look how much hay I had to throw down from the loft the other day! But, when I see Boomerang’s […]


29 Dec Posted by in Play | 1 comment

2012 New Year Goals

Last year I made my list of New Year Goals, so I thought it would be fun to check back and see how far I got with them – and also come up with a few new ones for 2012! P.S. this may look like my Birthday hat, but right now it’s doubling as my […]


27 Dec Posted by in Play | 8 comments

Ammo’s Christmas Recap – part 1

I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats to hear about all the adventures I had this Christmas. Well wait no further, because part 1 is here! I had so much fun I had to break it up into TWO blog posts. So make sure you check back tomorrow to hear […]


01 Nov Posted by in Play | 2 comments

Halloween Weekend Adventure

Halloween Weekend Adventure

Over the Halloween weekend I went on nearly a 400 mile excursion to visit a place that is very special to my pony friends, Assateague Island, Virginia. See my pal Minnow was born wild on Assateague 18 years ago, and every year he returns to neighboring Chincoteague Island to perform for a week during their […]


24 Aug Posted by in Art, Farm | 3 comments

Picasso Pony

Picasso Pony

It’s no surprise that I spend my time with a bunch of famous painting ponies. And when mom announces “it’s a painting day”, she really means it’s a painting DAY. As in I have to spend ALL day hanging around the farm while the ponies put their brushes to work. Don’t get me wrong, I […]