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12 Mar Posted by in Adventure | 7 comments

Spring Bark and Where I’m Headed Next

I’ve got some exciting news! Recently I found out that I’m a finalist in the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards for the Best Dog Blog & Best Pet Blog Photo. It’s enough to make me feel like a celebrity!  What makes the Nose-to-Nose awards a little different is that this is the only pet industry awards on […]


04 Mar Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 7 comments

Winter on the Farm

Living in Eastern Pennsylvania, my buddy Trooper and I get our fair share of snowy weather during the winter months. But if you think that every time the sky lets out a little precipitation we hide inside the barn with our ponies, then you would be mistaken my friend! Instead we run around the farm […]


25 Feb Posted by in Adventure | 4 comments

Adventures in the Snow

Woohoo! Snow! Yeah, that may not be the typical reaction that all northerners like me have when the sky dumps a big old pile of snow in your backyard. Especially when it’s almost March and the feeling that Spring can’t come soon enough is an epidemic. But you know what, I really do love the […]


18 Feb Posted by in Adventure | 5 comments

Frozen Lake

On Valentine’s Day my mom and dad surprised me and told me that we’d be taking a trip to the lake. I couldn’t wait as it’s one of my favorite spots and I was looking forward to romping in the sand! Only when we got to the lake and I sat on the edge of […]


17 Feb Posted by in Adventure, Product Review | Comments

How you can help animal rescues by walking your dog

What if I told you that by simply taking your dog for a daily walk you could be helping rescue animals? You’d probably say I was crazy right? Well guess what my friend, the future is here! It’s super simple with an app for iPhone & Android called Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax. All you […]


22 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 4 comments

Dachshund Goes Sledding with Ponies

When the winter rolls around I sometimes (like most of you) spend a little more time indoors. Because honestly, I’d much rather be warm and toasty then freezing my tail off! But when it snows, that all changes, because one of my favorite activities involves a fresh dusting of snow and some of my furry […]


15 Jan Posted by in Adventure | 5 comments

Dachshund Attempts to Fly Plane

It’s been a few years since I’ve set paw on the airport runway, but just after Christmas I decided it was high time I took to the sky once again. Last time I took to the air (my very first time in fact), I was just a passenger, but this time I figured – why not just […]


05 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Dog Days of Cheer | 4 comments

How I Spent My Christmas

So I’m back from my mini holiday vacation, and I don’t know about you, but mine wasn’t far long enough! And while I very much enjoyed “unplugging” for a bit, I just couldn’t wait to share with you all the adventures I had while I was gone. I have so much to share from hiking […]


03 Dec Posted by in Adventure | 3 comments

Post Turkey Hangover

Thanksgiving may have been last week, but that doesn’t mean I’ve recovered from it just yet! Here’s just how I celebrated this year… I kicked off my Thanksgiving with a trip to the farm – and as you can see I had snow on Turkey Day! As lovely as I find the snow, I was thankful […]


25 Nov Posted by in Adventure, Flying Hero | Comments

Now Available! Adventure Awaits T-Shirt for Charity

As an avid adventure dog I love anything that has to do with adventures! And seeing as how my previous Adventure Awaits t-shirt created numerous inquiries as to where people could purchase them – I figured my adventurous taste in clothing could help to benefit the dogs in need this holiday season! I give you […]