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Ammo  // Posts published by Ammo

28 Jan Posted by in Play | 4 comments

Why Socks are the Best Dog Toys

Stinky sock + two best friends = dog heaven. All the fancy dog toys in the world just can’t compare to one stinky sock (that Trooper pulled out of the laundry basket for us to play with – he’s the best). You might think it’s weird, and strange – but it totally makes our tails […]


27 Jan Posted by in Sponsors | 2 comments

How to Make a Snow Day Even Better

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Barkbox, but all opinions are my own. Trooper and I love a good snow day. A video posted by Kyley, Ammo + Painting Ponies (@kyleydiluigi) on Jan 25, 2015 at 8:53pm PST There is just something so fun about running around in all that white stuff – […]


23 Jan Posted by in Friday Fetch | 1 comment

Friday Fetch: Accessories for Pet Lovers

Friday Fetch: Accessories for Pet Lovers

These super fun pocket mirrors, pillow covers, brooches, and key rings from Sara Norwood are just way too fun not to share with you! You can even have them custom made with your own pet in mind. You can fetch these fun products and more from Sara Norwood on Etsy!  Disclosure: this is not a […]


22 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 4 comments

Dachshund Goes Sledding with Ponies

When the winter rolls around I sometimes (like most of you) spend a little more time indoors. Because honestly, I’d much rather be warm and toasty then freezing my tail off! But when it snows, that all changes, because one of my favorite activities involves a fresh dusting of snow and some of my furry […]


21 Jan Posted by in Product Review | 7 comments

10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds

A few months ago I shared a collection of fall sweaters that were designed to fit my fellow dachshund friends. Well now that the colder weather has set in I thought it would be fun to share my recommendations for winter coats too! So here is my collection of 10 Winter Coats that Fit Dachshunds – […]


20 Jan Posted by in Product Review | 2 comments

How to Remove Stubborn Pet Stains

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Recently my friends over at sent me a bottle of this Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover. Now, first off, I don’t consider myself a “mess maker” – as I am fully house trained and haven’t had an “accident” since I was just a wee […]


16 Jan Posted by in Friday Fetch | 2 comments

Friday Fetch: Placemats for Pets

Friday Fetch: Placemats for Pets

Ok, I admit it, us dogs can be kinda messy when it comes to feeding time. While I personally eat every little scrap of food my mom and dad give me – I do tend to leave puddles of water all over the floor! So when I stumbled across these unique pet placemats I just […]


15 Jan Posted by in Adventure | 4 comments

Dachshund Attempts to Fly Plane

It’s been a few years since I’ve set paw on the airport runway, but just after Christmas I decided it was high time I took to the sky once again. Last time I took to the air (my very first time in fact), I was just a passenger, but this time I figured – why not just […]


14 Jan Posted by in Play | 3 comments

Puppy on the Playground

Just after Christmas I went on a fun little excursion to the playground with my family. Who knew playing on the swing set and slides would be so much fun? I’m already campaigning to add a swing set to my own backyard! Has your dog ever been to the playground? Did he enjoy playing around […]


13 Jan Posted by in Product Review | 5 comments

Trax Review – The Best GPS Tracker for Dogs

About a month ago my new friends over at Trax sent me one of their GPS Trackers to test out. Now if you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, then you might know that I’ve had my eye on GPS Trackers for quite some time. Paired with the free Trax app (available for […]