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This Wild Ride

02 Aug Posted by in Adventure | 104 comments
This Wild Ride

ammo the dachshund blogging outdoors

It’s been 7 whole years since I published my very first blog post on this blog. That’s over 1,600 stories and adventures that I’ve shared over the years. A lot has happened in those 7 years, I became a certified therapy dog, I celebrated countless Birthdays, I hunted many groundhogs, and I even welcomed my little sister into the world.

Meet My Sister // Ammo gets a sibling

What started as a Facebook page for me to share my happenings with everyone, turned into this blog as my fans wanted to hear even more about my life! From welcoming customers at the family frame shop, to performing with my famous trick pony friends, and my adventurous weekends with my mom and dad – you’ve pretty much seen it all.

Dachshund Flys Plane - And doesn't crash! // Ammo the Dachshund

While I absolutely love sharing my daily life with all of you, after 7 years of documenting my every move I’m starting to feel like I need a little vacation.

Thanksgiving Roadtrip: Folly Beach Dogs

So while I’m technically not going anywhere, I am planning to take a little step back from my blog so that I can soak up all the fun with my family without feeling like I need to snap photos every step of the way.

Ammo the Dachshund takes Selfie with Street Performer

Now this doesn’t mean you won’t see any blog posts from me in the future, it just means for now my regular posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week won’t be around. Instead I plan to share when I’ve got something that I just can’t wait to tell you about. You know, the juicy stuff.

Goats that Race

And even though I won’t have a new blog post as often, you can still follow me on Facebook & Instagram where I still plan to share little snapshots into my life more regularly. If you’d like to be the first to know when I do have a special blog post to share, make sure you’ve signed up for my E-Mail updates. Which means you’ll get an e-mail every time I publish a new blog post.

Ammo the Dachshund Studio Photos

Finally I wanted to say Thank You. Thank you to all of you who have kept up with my adventures, whether it be occasionally, or every single day. Know that it’s you that have kept me blogging these past 7 years. I’ve read every single comment you’ve left me, and every e-mail you’ve sent. I treasure all of them, even if I don’t always have the time to respond. Hopefully you can understand my need for a vacation from the blog after all these years.

Our journey never ends. My next adventure is just around the corner, and I can hear it calling. xoxo, Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity


  1. Jasperisms08-02-17

    A well deserved break is always needed, and sometimes putting the camera down and enjoying the moment exactly what you should do! We’ll be right here waiting to share in your next adventure when you want to share it with us. ❤️

  2. Daphne Smith08-02-17

    Gona miss you Ammo

  3. Kellie Alexander08-02-17

    You do deserve a break. Enjoy and cant wait to see with new adventures you have.

  4. Tatiana Kosareva08-02-17

    Enjoy your time!

  5. Anna Rogers08-02-17

    Enjoy your time with your family! ❤️

  6. Jana Drilling08-02-17

    You deserve a break. Enjoy your family and watch your sister grow. Will follow you on Facebook like always. Love you Ammo.

  7. Marta Nilsson08-02-17

    Enjoy your “vacation” … make sure you teach your little sister all your tricks & as always will look forward to your FB posts.
    ❤️ ❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️

  8. Cori Nee08-02-17

    As a new follower I am sad to hear this, but will always look forward to when you do post!! Lots of love, corin, annie the Chihuahua and dusty the cat…

  9. Susan Aistrope Boyd08-02-17

    We are going to miss you Ammo but I totally understand. Have a great new adventure.

  10. Tara Hier08-02-17

    You deserve the break. We will all miss the regular posts. But, you need to enjoy the hunt. Plus you have a toddler to keep up with now! That’s a full time job. Teddy and I will be looking out for you on Facebook and Instagram. This is Teddy and his dad. My 2 loves!! We want you to enjoy this!!!

  11. Ann Marie McCarthy Skerry08-02-17

    Wishing you all the best!!!!

  12. Carol Johansson-Protz08-02-17

    Enjoy all the special moments with your family! xo

  13. Gina Rehberg Zagerman08-02-17

    We will miss you but we understand. Share when you can because we love the new adventures of you and pretty miss P

  14. Judy Sanders08-02-17

    aww…Ammo , please keep us updated tho..and I will miss you like your my own dog…love you and baby P…stay in touch all were asking….love u little guy and baby P and mom and dad…happy adventures to you <3

  15. Patsy Greatorex08-02-17

    Love you little buddy

  16. Michelle Shouse08-02-17

    Going to miss all the adventures. Watch out for Trooper!

  17. Beth Sarmento08-02-17

    Que preguicinha boa, meu lindinho! Te amo fofura! Bjs!

  18. Leigh Baughn08-02-17

    Sad. I loved seeing your posts!!!!

  19. Karen Elizabeth Youngs08-02-17

    Enjoy your well deserved break Ammo!!!! I follow you on IG as well so I know I’ll still see snaps from your adventures with Baby P! Not goodbye, but see you later!! ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Karina N. O'Rourke08-02-17

    I’m glad to hear you will still be around. Enjoy the time spent with your family, Ammo! It is well deserved. ♥️

  21. Lily Belle and Muffin08-02-17

    We’ve loved watching you grow & sharing in your exciting adventures! We will continue following on Facebark.

  22. Jess & Mini08-02-17

    We have been following your adventures for about 3-4 years now and in that time, we have enjoyed it all. You even inspired us to start our own blog (The Minidatsun Blog) for our dachshunds! While we understand that a vacation is needed, we hate to see you go. We’ll be back when you have some of that “juicy stuff” for us to read about😀

  23. Janet Wilson08-02-17

    Enjoy the journey, Ammo. Teach your baby sister all the good stuff. I’ll miss you ❤️

  24. Joan Fry08-02-17

    Enjoy the extra time with your fabulous family. I’ll look forward to your updates.

  25. Roco08-02-17

    Hi Ammo! I understand how you need a little holiday! Baby P is going to keep you and your Mommy and Daddy very busy especially whenBaby P starts running around! We have sooo loved all your blogs and adventures. And so glad that you are not completely going away. We had the big lump in the throat feeling when when first saw your email about a new announcement! We love you dearly! Enjoy your family!!! Love, Roco et Estelle

  26. Rachael Young08-02-17

    Totally understand! Enjoy your family, Ammo!

  27. Sarah Mitsue Daniels08-02-17

    Happy Trails to You…

  28. Tuff and his mommy Marnie08-02-17

    Good luck and God bless to you and your family Ammo. Go life life …❤️🐾🐶

  29. Melly Gaines08-02-17

    I will miss you!

  30. Sharon Wilkie08-02-17

    You are a darling doxie and we’ve loved seeing your amazing life posts! Enjoy and relax, Ammo and family ♥

  31. Susan Gibson Snodgrass08-02-17

    Ammo, I totally understand your need to step back, but I surely will miss your blog posts! They surely did brighten up my day. Have fun!

  32. Mandy08-02-17

    We’re gonna miss you but we understand. Doxie hugs and kisses

  33. Kelsey08-02-17

    Though I only found your blog a couple months ago, I have enjoyed reading them. I will miss them for sure. I love reading all about your adventures. It’s made me want to right all about Paisleys adventures. Though I haven’t a clue where to start lol.

    I understand needing a break, we all do, but I look forward to your special blogs in the future. 🐾🐾

  34. Kim Thomas Pahutski08-02-17

    Enjoy your break and we will enjoy the pictures you post. Love to you all.

  35. Pat Schroeder Henzey08-02-17

    Ammo you and the fam deserve some time off. I will miss you but I fully understand the need ,

  36. Kathy Burkett08-02-17

    Take time & enjoy your life! <3

  37. Jan Wilson08-02-17

    Going to miss your blogs Ammo….but I’ll see you on IG & Fb ❤️❤️

  38. Erika Gayle08-02-17

    Oh Ammo we love you and hope you have some great adventures!!

  39. Kathy Piazza08-02-17

    You are a sweetheart!!!!!

  40. Joseph Morriss08-02-17

    Will miss you, but you need a break after working so hard telling us all about your life. Looking forward to your new style of posting. 🙂

  41. Lisa McFadden-Elliot08-02-17

    That’s just fine Ammo. Take some time and play with little P and post when you can. It will make the posts even sweeter ❤️

  42. Diane DiPrinzio08-02-17

    Good luck and I’ll be glad to see when when you do post to your social media sites…

  43. shirlee payne08-02-17

    I love you Ammo, i will be looking for your posts. Enjoy the rest of your summer.xoxo

  44. Bea Zúñiga08-02-17

    I’ll miss you Ammo! Enjoy!

  45. Kay McIntosh08-02-17

    Have fun but hurry back.

  46. Trooper08-02-17

    Hey there little buddy! I am stoked to have more doggy time with you as you try to keep track of those many groundhogs in my neighborhood! You have worked very hard for all those years and you deserve a wee retirement. Welcome home little guy! From your very best friend in the world–Trooper

  47. Tracy Molitor08-02-17

    Have a wonderful vacation Ammo! Your adventures are usually the high light of my day. Schatzie, Rose and I wish you happy adventures, and please keep us updated when you’re not “vacationing” (((hugs)))

  48. Sunny Mac08-02-17

    awe I will certainly miss your daily adventures but you deserve a nice relaxing break <3

  49. Mary Schafer08-02-17

    ❤️ you Ammo!

  50. Cheri Brown08-02-17

    You deserve a break. Enjoy

  51. Francine Salazar08-02-17

    Wish you the best!

  52. Lillis Patriquin Butlin08-02-17

    A well deserved break. Good luck on your future endeavours

  53. Kimmy Michael08-02-17

    Well bud…we will miss the adventures, but we will stick around and see what comes our way….take an easy…

  54. Christa Harrell08-02-17

    Ammo, you have been in our Living room for so long, you are like family, and I will certainly miss you, but I know I will see you again on occasion, but we all understand that you need a well deserved break, and I wish you all the best and that you enjoy your time off, and be a good big brother!!!

  55. Melanie08-02-17

    Ammo, I have followed you for years, and I have looked forward to seeing your updates. You are such a handsome dachsie, and your little sister is just precious. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I look forward to seeing updates as you can. God bless you and your sweet family.

  56. Raquel Lei08-02-17

    Truly understand Ammo, you deserve a break. Will definitely miss you. Paws up for your next adventure! Enjoy.

  57. Sharon Oh08-02-17

    Life is for living . . . will look forward to your stopping by.

  58. Elmer Simpson08-02-17

    Prayers and best wishes


  59. Hannah Joubert08-02-17

    Allison nooo

  60. Rebecca Carr Bonker08-02-17

    You will be sorely missed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts of your adventures. Get a good rest, have fun and keep us posted on your little sister.

  61. Jeanette Harman08-02-17

    Oh no we will miss you!

  62. Deb McGrath Hesselton08-02-17

    Take good care of your family, Ammo!

  63. Donna B08-02-17

    Oh Ammo, I will certainly miss your regular blogs but you and your family really deserve a break. Enjoy. Stay safe and I am on your email list. Love you.

  64. Betsy Davis08-02-17

    U, beautiful baby p, your mom and dad deserve a relaxing vacation. The pics, blogs, videos, FB messages, of your adventures have brought me much joy and many smiles. Thank u,thank u.

    Ps, maybe a feature film next, just think about!!!!!!

  65. Linda Wolf08-03-17

    Couldn’t share on FB??

  66. Marie Lecter08-03-17

    Have a great time Ammo! I’ll miss your emails but you deserve a break. Love to you and baby P!

  67. Judy Adams08-03-17

    Ammo, Your post are a joy. We will miss them but understand the need for a break. Enjoy your new adventures with your beautiful family. We will miss you, baby P, mom & dad. Much love & hugs, Judy & Abernathy😘🐶

  68. Georgia Coyle08-03-17

    Enjoy life ! Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  69. Brenna DeCotis08-03-17

    Thank You for sharing your adventures with us! We will miss you Ammo! <3

  70. Jessica Williams08-03-17

    Good luck guys. I can relate. I’ve been going on more camping trips where I don’t worry about taking photographs of everything and it’s been great.

  71. JB08-03-17

    Oh Ammo. I’m going to miss you and your family so much! But I understand the need for a break. You’very been a bright spot in my days for several years. Can’t thank you enough for all the laughs and smiles your adventures have brought me. Will see you on FB. Love you guys!

  72. Lydianne Watson08-03-17

    “Miss” Coco and I are really going to miss you buddy! But we totally understand. And as everyone has already said it is well deserved. Enjoy everyday and take care of yourself, lil P, and Mom and Dad. We love you Ammo!

  73. Jane08-03-17

    Hi Ammo! I guess you need a break to help teach Baby P all she needs to know. Glad you will still post now and then when something big happens. I always liked how you would share your birthday week with all your friends because you are a very giving little dachshund boy. I even won a painting you did a few years back and I love it! I also appreciate how you share where you get your gear. My Sambo has gotten many needed things you have let us know about. Stay safe and happy!
    Jane and Sambo

  74. Terri08-04-17

    Ammo…We have so enjoyed reading about you and all of your adventures.We have been dachshund parents for many years and it is so delightful to read about what you have been up to ie: digging, hunting for whatever, napping, soaking up the sun, rolling in something…the list is endless. Yes we will keep up with you on IG (we did like today’s snap) and FB. And who knows…once a writer always a writer…that pen may call you back! At any rate…enjoy your time…it goes tooooo fast! Hugs to you and your family! The Stavigs

  75. Patricia G. Mcsharry08-05-17

    We Will miss you all. We have truly enjoyed reading about all your adventures. May God bless you all on the next chapter in your life.
    Charlie and the gang

  76. Ursula Syrowik08-05-17

    Keep yourself busy and happy for you! Love the blog postings .

  77. Sharon Kirkpatrick Homes08-06-17

    I read it. Kinda sad. I like reading and seeing all the pictures of you and Baby P.

  78. JanSteve Strickland08-06-17

    Ammo we love you and your sweet family and seeing your sister growing up! Take a rest…… but not to Long a rest! God Bless love you High Paw to you Buddy boy And Riley boy and mom sends mussie kisses love you Jan from Sacramento California

  79. Shari Penniston08-06-17

    Rosie sends her love! Enjoy your adventures! We will be standing by….

  80. Beth Henkes08-06-17

    Enjoy your time with the pack, Ammo! We understand, and look forward to hearing from you when we can! Winston says “four paws up!” ❤️

  81. Elisa Magliocca Reale08-06-17

    Have fun during your time away! We love you little one!

  82. Judy Sanders08-06-17

    take a break Ammo but we love you and need y ou near…stay in touch all we ask..thanks for the memories..and mor e yet to come <3

  83. Kelly Dawn Hein08-06-17

    I will miss you but I certainly understand. Need to take the time with were family. Baby P. Will grow up to fast. Will look forward to your updates.

  84. Faye Morningstar08-06-17

    This is so sad but necessary. You know what they say about babies… you need to enjoy them right at the moment because they grow up so fast. I’ll look forward to the juicy news bits. In the meantime I am glad to have been able to see so many fun adventures. I never knew that painting ponies existed or that humans should be rescued in 2 feet of water. Sending all my best to you and your family!!!

  85. Donna Szeglowski Marconi08-06-17

    Love you, Ammo and your little sister!

  86. Yvonne Atkins08-06-17

    Enjoy your family sweet one❤️

  87. Christine Graham08-06-17

    Thank you Ammo for sharing your adventures, you always put a smile on my face and most times made me laugh. Enjoy your long deserved break and I look forward to when I do get a snapshot of you relaxing and enjoying time with the family .. much love coming from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan xoxoxoxo ❤️

  88. Jacque Hartman08-06-17

    Thank you for sharing you life with all the people who have come to love you. Will look forward to seeing your posts on Facebook when you can.❤

  89. Joan Solaun08-06-17

    We love you when we can see you! Our little Jack Russell follows your adventures with delight! But we do understand the thing with the beautiful baby girl too. Saludos and best wishes to the whole family!!

  90. Juniper Arc08-08-17

    Glad I discovered this blog and its wonderful tales from such an amazing pup! Hope you have a fantastic break.

  91. The Miles Gear08-15-17

    Very cute Ammo, we love you Ammo

  92. Lewis08-16-17

    As a fellow dog blogger, it’s really inspiring to see that you’ve committed to your site for 7 years now.

    I wish you all the best for the next 7 years.

    I’d love it if you could give me any suggestions on how to improve my Dog Blog over at

  93. Mary Nielsen08-19-17

    Many people that follow pet blogs will be sad to see you leave but it is a wise thing you are doing.

    Spend more time with your family and your pet dachshund!

    It’s a tough job documenting everything for a blog. I have a cat and a dog and I can’t imagine documenting every their move for my blog 😀

  94. Cindy Grant09-10-17

    Awww! Just when i discover your blog! I am new here and i really want to follow your amazing adventure, I think you guys have some of the most amazing stories. However, I think I can take time to browse through your old posts.

  95. Michael Cod09-15-17

    I love you and miss you Ammo. Enjoy!

  96. Nishant chopra09-29-17

    Hello, I am new here and i love pets. Happy and safe journey. Thanku for sharing your amazing adventure. Will look forward for your next updates.keep posting.

  97. The Leather Dog Co12-19-17

    I love Ammo!

  98. Sara06-12-18

    I loved too much your adventures, but sad to hear you quit blogging, we hope to back soon.

  99. Kalina07-03-18

    I have a Dachshunt too. I love your adventures.

  100. Johan10-11-18

    Oh no we will miss you!

  101. Jordan Clint155311-02-18

    Aawwwww so sweet we’re gonna miss you so much. Hopefully I’ll be having an adventure with my spoiled dog. 😀 haha

  102. Marshall06-09-19

    Wishing you all the best!

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