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When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

26 Jul Posted by in Farm, Sponsors | 9 comments
When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Carlson Pet Products. All opinions are my own and I only share products I think you and your pets will love.

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

This is the view from the family farmhouse. What you can’t see though, is me, past the garden, past the pasture, past the horses, and in the neighbor’s vineyard…I’m there.

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

See me now?

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

While it may look like I’m not doing anything too important, I’m actually doing a very important job….hunting groundhogs. See I can find a hole where no one else can, and I have no problem staking out a spot and sitting there for hours on end just waiting to catch myself a big juicy groundhog. Never mind that I’ve never actually caught one (but I have come close), but just you wait one of these days I WILL catch one!

Rescue on the Farm

While for the most part my family indulges me and lets me have free run of the farm to hunt the groundhogs as I wish, sometimes they need a break from chasing after me.

When I’m on the hunt I won’t come back for anything, not for dinner, not for water, not even to rest. That’s how dedicated I am to this life mission of mine.

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

This is also why I always wear a GPS tracker (so mom can find me quicker), and ultimately it usually leads to me being contained at some point in the day. If not only so mom can make sure I’m taking a rest and getting plenty of water.

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

Recently they installed this outdoor pet gate from Carlson Pet Products on the back deck so that when I was “rescued” from my holes I could still hang out and enjoy the fresh air without having to be locked inside the house. Our outdoor gate is made with an all-steel construction, and can withstand the elements year round!

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

While my good pal Trooper doesn’t seem to have the same hunting desire I do, he still tends to keep me company when I’m on lockdown…..that’s what good friends do!

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

Our new outdoor gate makes it easy for the humans to come and go, but Trooper and I are stuck on the inside for the long haul. At least we have a view!

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

Now if Trooper could just figure out how to open the tiny pet door for me I’d surely be able to dash away towards my holes again.

When Outdoor Adventures Need to Be Contained

Too bad for him he’s much too big to fit through the opening anyway. Better luck next time pal!

Be sure to check out all the awesome gates and more at Carlson Pet Products. They have something for every one of your pet containment needs.Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity


  1. Karen Elizabeth Youngs07-26-17

    You have a beautiful home and yard Ammo, such a lucky pup! That gate is awesome, I’m sure you’ll figure out how to open it eventually
    Does Baby P help you dig holes, or does she supervise?

  2. Jana Drilling07-26-17

    You really do have a beautiful home. Wonderful yard and ponies too. You have it all.
    I do understand that not coming back for nothing as mine have been after a taunting squirrel that we have in our tree. Hes terriable. When hes out running around my boys cant wait to send him running up the tree and keeping him up there. Of course they would love him to come down and have their way with him but he never does. Just teases them by coming almost to tgem tgen up outta reach. My boys wont come no matter how much we call. We acttualy have to go get them to come in.

    Have fun on your hunts and teach Baby P the wsy of the holes diggin.

    • Ammo the Dachshund07-27-17

      To be fair I don’t live on the farm (my buddy a Trooper does). But I’m so very lucky that I get to visit whenever I want! And yes, it’s sometimes so hard to listen to mom and dad when instinct calls!

  3. Marcella Daniel07-26-17

    Poor baby no fun now

  4. Tracy Molitor07-26-17

    Maybe Baby P will be able to figure out the little door and you’ll be able to escape.

  5. Rebecca Pesyna07-27-17

    Such sad dog the song goes,Don’t Fence Me In!

  6. Judy Sanders08-01-17

    no no no Ammmo

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