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Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

Sometimes on shopping trips I start to get that feeling when my feet start dragging, I want to lay down and take a nap, and I just can’t shop ANYMORE.

Always Be Prepared

My little sister gets that feeling too, but she knows exactly what to do to make sure we all can keep going!

Always Be Prepared

Snacks! And since our mom is always prepared with goodies to eat, we never have to worry about the dreaded shopping sleepies.

Always Be Prepared

So while my sister snacked away and warded off those shopping sleepies I started to wonder if I was going to get my little pick-me-up.

Always Be Prepared

I mean just look how happy she looks snacking on her favorite crackers*.

*affiliate link

Always Be Prepared

Sigh. It was looking like I’d have to make it through this trip to Lowes without a snack.

Always Be Prepared

But then, as luck would have it, a tiny little hand appeared over the edge of the shopping cart.

Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

I should have known, Baby P would NEVER let her best buddy go hungry.

Always Be Prepared

Crisis averted. Goodbye shopping sleepies, hello crackers! I’m ready to go another 5 hours (ok well maybe just another 30 minutes).

Do you get the shopping sleepies when you’ve been shopping for too long? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso07-19-17

    Baby P looks after you, like you look after her!!!!!
    You two make a great team!!

  2. Ashley Bungard07-19-17


  3. Jana Drilling07-19-17

    You two are a pair. She lives her Ammo and her Ammo loves her. She wouldnt let her favorite friend go hungry.

  4. Gina Rehberg Zagerman07-19-17

    Partners always!

  5. Tracy Molitor07-19-17

    No Ammo, I don’t get sleepy when I shop..though my hip starts to hurt sometimes.
    Pyper sure is a good little sister, eh?

  6. Lu-Ann07-19-17

    You are both too cute! Her smile shows how much she adores you!

  7. Sherry Bradford07-19-17

    That was precious. I am glad Miss P didn’t forget her best buddy.

  8. Ronny Sabrina Motmans07-19-17

    Lisa Lisa dit is de toekomst

  9. Baš Ka07-20-17

    Lukino Šťastný

  10. JB07-20-17

    Baby P looks like she enjoyed sharing her snack as much as you enjoyed getting it! You two make a great team! XXXOOO

  11. Emma Woodrow07-22-17

    Precious x

  12. Laurie Wisnia07-23-17

    some shopping at Petco

  13. Elisa Magliocca Reale07-23-17

    How sweet!

  14. Betsy Davis07-23-17

    She’s taking care of u!

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