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Ammo’s Lake School

12 Jul Posted by in Adventure | 15 comments
Ammo’s Lake School

Ammo's Lake School

It’s come to my attention that I may need to open my own Lake School. Until recently I didn’t realize how many dog’s I’ve mentored on their very first lake outing.

On the Lake with Friends // Ammo the Dachshund

First there was Shilah, who I introduced to the water and her first paddleboarding experience.

Lake Dogs // Summer // Ammo the Dachshund

Lake Dogs // Summer // Ammo the Dachshund

Then there was Maya, who had her first dip and also took to the paddle board under my supervision.

Ammo's Lake School

And then there was Hank! The latest victim trainee in Ammo’s Lake School.

Ammo's Lake School

Being that Hank is a Miniature GoldenDoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle Mix), it didn’t take much convincing for me to get him into the water.

Ammo's Lake School

Just in case though I coached from the sidelines, ready to swim Hank to safety if need be.

Ammo's Lake School

Thankfully he was a natural!

Ammo's Lake School

Although when he emerged it became apparent that there really wasn’t much dog hiding under all that fur!

Ammo's Lake School

So I did what any good dog would do, I let him borrow one of my life vests*! No drowning dogs on my watch!

*affiliate link

Ammo's Lake School

Swimming was one thing, but the true test of a lake dog is the boating. So we took to the docks for a boat adventure. Hank passed test number one with flying colors, making friends with the boat shop crew.

Ammo's Lake School

I led the expedition (as always) and things were going swimmingly for my pal Hank.

Ammo's Lake School

And after a dip overboard to cool off….

Ammo's Lake School

….Hank was officially a Lake Dog just like me!

Since Hank made my job super easy and passed my rigorous training with ease, it made it possible for me to divert my attention to victim trainee #2 of the day…

Ammo's Lake School

*affiliate link

….Baby P!

After we mastered wearing the uncomfortable but necessary life vest* (thanks to some helpful cheerios that mom packed), I am happy to report that Baby P also mastered my Lake School and survived her very first boating adventure. (with very minimal crying I might add). Although she still has a ways to go in the doggie paddle department, but we’ll get there!

So what do you think, should I open up my own Lake School? Likely we’d need sailor hats (and a captain hat for me) with really cool logos. Good thing I know a great graphic designer! 🙂 Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Janet Wilson07-12-17

    Rockin’ it as always, Ammo!

  2. Jana Drilling07-12-17

    Your amazing

  3. Roxanne Kuttner07-12-17

    You are a natural leader Ammo!

  4. Cindy Long07-12-17

    I know that you would be very good at teaching others at the lake, I kinda think you have your paws full with Miss P and the other usual cast of characters. Maybe when Miss P is a little older . . . .

  5. Susan Adams07-12-17

    Where do I sign up?

  6. Pam B07-12-17

    Ahhhh Ammo, I think you’d be a success at anything you tried to do. I really needed to see your sweet face today and forget things for a few minutes. Thank you for being here. Anyhoo, you and Baby P are adorable in your life vests. Glad to see you’re having your usual wonderful adventures this summer. Have a great day, love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  7. Marie Kenley07-12-17

    Aye Aye Captain!

  8. Kd Owens07-13-17

    How cute

  9. Roco Roco07-15-17

    A Lake School sounds fab Ammo! You could help out a lot of people and dogs!

  10. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso07-16-17

    You did great work Ammo!!

  11. Kim Thomas Pahutski07-17-17

    You did very well by your victims, I mean trainees.

  12. Elisa Magliocca Reale07-17-17


  13. Lora Campbell Roberts07-17-17

    ❤looks like you will behaving Baby P swimming in no time

  14. JB07-17-17

    Hey Ammo,

    Apparently I was even busier at work last week than I realized, I missed this post! You should definitely open your own Ammo’s Lake School. Can’t wait to see you in your captain’s hat! You’re the BEST! XXXOOO

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