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Containing All Your Friends

26 Jun Posted by in Sponsors | 9 comments
Containing All Your Friends

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Carlson Pet Products. All opinions are my own, and I only share products I think you and your pets will love!

Containing All Your Friends

A few weeks ago my friends from the south, Scout and Sharkie, came for a visit. Trooper and I always love when we can get the whole gang together.

Containing All Your Friends

The thing about my friends from the south though is that they’re really good at being “beach dogs”, but they don’t know a lot about being “farm dogs”.

Simple Pleasures with Ammo the Dachshund

While there are lots of rules about being on a farm that I won’t get into now, the most important one is to never ever ever get close to a horses’ hooves. Those things can break little puppy toes, and kick you in an instant – something Trooper and I are well aware of and make sure to always be on our most cautious behavior when mingling around the ponies.

Now my friends Scout and Sharkie, well, they never really learned this rule. So after chasing a few horses, and a couple of close calls it was deemed that they were not to be trusted around the ponies. (better safe than sorry!)

Containing All Your Friends

Thankfully my friends at Carlson Pet Products had just the thing to give everyone on the farm peace of mind with their indoor pet containment gates.

Containing All Your Friends

Their Design Paw Auto Close Pet Gate kept everyone from sneaking down the basement steps in search of any doors to the outside world that may have been left open.

Mom’s favorite part was the auto-close feature, so when her hands were full she could just push the gate shut and no dogs could squeeze through.

Containing All Your Friends

Sharkie and I had our own favorite part…

Containing All Your Friends

…the small pet door so that we could have our own secret “little dog” adventures without those big dogs tagging along!

Containing All Your Friends

While it’s true that my pals from the south weren’t very “pony savvy”, there was also another new thing with a whole set of rules (that I also won’t get into), that my friends weren’t accustomed to.

Containing All Your Friends

While the humans all seemed to think the Carlson Free Standing Pet Gate was keeping all the dogs from jumping on, licking, or playing too roughly with Baby P….us dogs know that it was really keeping Baby P from pulling fur, pinching, and jumping on unsuspecting dogs!

Containing All Your Friends

Regardless of the reason, this gate floated all around the farmhouse while my friends were in town since it was so easily portable because it required no holes in the wall or pressure points and could easily expand from 40″ – 70″!

Containing All Your Friends

My visit with my friends from the South was far too short, and I was sad to see them go. But I was also very thankful that they made it to the end of their stay with no wounds, missing fur, or broken bones from the very dangerous ponies and babies on the farm – all thanks to Carlson Pet Products!

Containing All Your Friends

I sent Scout home with a list of rules to work on for the next time she visits. #1 being – do not ever ever try to sniff a ponies’ rump! And #2 being – pony poop is a delicacy that can be found in the manure pile, not in a stall where a pony is still standing!

We have a lot to work on before the next visit! Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

What sort of things would you like to keep your pet contained from?


  1. Donna B06-26-17

    What great advise you gave to your friends. Their next visit should go without a hitch.

    • Ammo06-26-17

      YEs, they will be well prepared for the next visit!

  2. JB06-26-17

    Looks like a great visit. Glad you had the gate handy to keep everyone safe! XXXOOO

  3. Dona06-26-17

    Looks like you had a fun (and educational!) visit. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Ammo06-26-17

      Always a good time when the crew gets together!

  4. Jess & Mini06-27-17

    Jess: You know, Mini has been around horse for a few years and has almost gotten stepped on a few times and still hasn’t learned to not get “underfoot”. And sometimes when I am riding, she will come right up next to the horse’s legs (or make me think she is going to go under the horse) when I stop and want up. It is way too easy to worry when you have a small dachshund huh? I’m glad you learned all those things so your mom doesn’t have to worry too much about you around the horses.

    Mini: Scout, the only way you can get a good sniff of a pony’s rump, is when they are lying down. Personal experience 😉

  5. Susan R Simpson06-29-17

    Sounds like you had an awesome visit with your friends from the south Ammo. The furry white doggie is super cute too.

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