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Little Ones On The Lake

14 Jun Posted by in Adventure | 10 comments
Little Ones On The Lake

Little Ones On The Lake

I bet you can tell by my excited zoomies here that I recently got to go on a lake day adventure!

Little Ones On The Lake

And yes, I brought along my favorite little sidekick, Baby P! Of course she met the lake and powered right in (girl after my own heart)!

Little Ones On The Lake

In fact, she acted like the cold water didn’t even bother her!

Little Ones On The Lake

I was slightly worried she might just start swimming away…..without me!

Little Ones On The Lake

So I had to jump in too. Just so she knew I wasn’t a total wimp.

Little Ones On The Lake

After my fun in the lake I met a new friend. I was so excited to play with him I could hardly wait.

Little Ones On The Lake

Only neither of us could get it together properly and he ran one way and I ran the other way, and our fun playtime ended up with both of us confused and lost. Sigh.

Little Ones On The Lake

After all that fun in the lake I started to get a little chilly. My towel wasn’t quite doing the trick but that’s ok, because….

Little Ones On The Lake

…rolling on your back in the sun always fixes everything!

What’s your dog’s favorite thing about a lake day?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Judy Sanders06-14-17

    what a special boy your are , looking after your sister P

  2. Karen Elizabeth Youngs06-14-17

    What fun!!!! My boys grew up on a lake, it’s the best!! Cooper has never been to a lake but we live at the ocean, he loves stomping in warm tide pools ☀️☀️

  3. JB06-14-17

    Ammo – Baby P definitely has your fearless spirit of adventure! XXXOOO

  4. Sunny Mac06-14-17

    You didn’t go into the water Ammo?

  5. Pat Schroeder Henzey06-14-17

    Awww….you two are water babies!

  6. Betsy Davis06-14-17

    Can’t let that happen-call in Mom!

  7. Pam B06-14-17

    Hiya Ammo and Baby P!!! What fun you two are having, and it’ll only get better as the days go on, I’m sure. So glad to see you showing her the ropes about all your adventures. But didn’t she want to lay in the sun with you??? I guess she doesn’t want to get a sunburn, huh. Y’all keep having fun and teach your new friend the right direction to go in. Love and hugs to all the family. Pam, Misty, and Rio

  8. Cindy Allison06-21-17

    My doxy Libby NEVER makes friends : { Everything and everybody is greeting with constant and hostile barks!

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