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Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 10

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 10

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

It’s happened again. My little sidekick turned a whole month older! And a whole lot has changed in just one month.

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

Baby P suddenly doesn’t seem so “baby” anymore. She now waves hello and goodbye to me, can give me high-fives, and even claps when I do something extra goofy. (which is like all the time apparently).

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

But the biggest change….Baby P is now WALKING! Yes, that’s right. Just a few days shy of turning 10 months she got those first few steps in. And can you guess what she was walking to? That’s right, me! (I’ll have to share the video later….although my camera crew missed the very first ones…shame on them!)

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

Baby P’s favorite thing though….if you haven’t already guessed….dogs! She loves to “bark” woof woof excitedly whenever she sees a dog (or me), or even a picture of a dog. We should have expected nothing less, because I’m the coolest dog there is and it’s no wonder she thinks she’s a dog too!

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

Now that she’s getting increasingly mobile I definitely have to watch my back…

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

..because her big bear hugs….

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

….and kisses seem to come out of nowhere!

Not to worry though, mom and dad are always right there yelling “gentle” the entire time. Hopefully soon she will get the hang of “closed mouth kisses” and “pinch-less hugs” so I won’t have to be on guard so much. At least I know she means well!

Adventures of Ammo & Baby P: Vol 10

I have a feeling by next month I’ll have my backyard running playmate that I’ve been waiting for! I can’t wait!

So for everyone that wagered a guess last month as to when Baby P would start walking, it was June 5th!Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Cathy Thompson06-12-17

    Oh my this is the most precious post yet! They just keep getting better! Ammo you are the best big brother to Baby P!!

  2. Judy Sanders06-12-17

    that is the sweetest ever..Baby P lovvvvves her some Ammo on her 10th month birthday…<3

  3. Marnie White06-12-17

    Ammo can Baby P say your name yet?

  4. Judy Sanders06-12-17

    just checked out the blog how adorable…and walking at 10 months , she’s a real trooper for her age…love it <3

  5. Pat Schroeder Henzey06-12-17

    Awwww Baby P and Ammo be sties forever!!

  6. Karen Elizabeth Youngs06-12-17

    Happy 10 months Baby P!!!!! Ammo you have all kinds of new adventures in store now that she’s walking!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Tuff and his mommy Marnie06-12-17

    Baby P is starting to look like Mom!

  8. Gina Rehberg Zagerman06-12-17

    Awwww…the best yet! What trouble makers the two of you will be

  9. Raquel Lei06-12-17

    Precious, precious pic! So warming to see this one. ❤️

  10. JB06-12-17

    Ammo – you and Baby P are just too cute! You’re going to have a blast running around together.XXX OOO

  11. Donna B06-12-17

    Oh Ammo, baby P is walking just in time for summer. You can chase each other and you can show her all your ground hog holes. Think of all the fun that awaits!!!

  12. Kathy Jacobsen06-12-17

    Ammo, is your sister tall? I agree that all of a sudden, she doesn’t look much like a baby any more.

  13. Melly Gaines06-12-17

    Sooo of cute!

  14. Ashley Brower06-12-17

    Kids and there dachshunds

  15. Tracy Molitor06-12-17

    Awww, Ammo, so nice to have a best friend eh? Your sister is a camera hound just like you Ammo. Such adventures you 2 shall have this summer.

  16. Lora Campbell Roberts06-13-17

    Baby P is so stinking cute!! It does my <3 good to see the two of you together.

  17. Betsy Davis06-14-17

    I bet U r Baby P’s best bud and she may be
    i counting on U for many skills, not to mention, orchestrating future adventures. U and Baby P r adorable not to mention hip!

  18. Elaine Norris06-16-17

    wow shes growing so fast, but lots more adventures for you all to have Ammo, 🙂 xx

  19. Donna Lauer Bucelli06-16-17

    The cutest couple in the whole wide world. ❤❤❤

  20. Loretta Tindell06-16-17


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