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West Bradford Day

West Bradford Day

West Bradford Day

A few weeks ago my mom discovered a special event that was being held in my hometown. FREE pony rides and petting zoo is pretty much all you had to say to get my sister and I super excited!

West Bradford Day

First thing we did was head straight to the petting zoo. Unfortunately I had to wait outside, because apparently animals don’t like to be pet by other animals (weird right?).

West Bradford Day

While I waited patiently outside for my sister to get her fill of donkeys, ducks, chickens, goats, llamas, and more…I noticed this fluffy rock giving me the stink eye something fierce.

West Bradford Day

Yea, I’m pretty sure he wanted me dead. So needless to say I didn’t stick around too long to find out! (he must have been the black sheep of the bunch!)

West Bradford Day

Next we headed over to the pony rides. While waiting in line I started my own petting zoo. At least I don’t give the stink eye, which I’m pretty sure all the children greatly appreciated.

West Bradford Day

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My favorite part though…..was the firefighter obstacle course. Seriously how cool is that! Only downside is that the fireman forgot to pack their dachshund sized fire fighting gear. Go figure.

West Bradford Day

At least I got to pose with the truck! I’m pretty sure I now want to be a firefighter when I grow up. (or at the very least master that obstacle course next year!!)

What do you think, would I make a good firefighter? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Susan R Simpson06-07-17

    Oh my Ammo, did you give that furry rock the stink eye back ?

  2. Janet Wilson06-07-17

    You would totally rock the firefighter uniform, Ammo!

  3. Cathy Thompson06-07-17

    So cool!

  4. Karen Elizabeth Youngs06-07-17

    You’d make a great fire fighter!!! Did you ever make friends with the furry black rock??

  5. JB06-07-17

    Furry rock, stink eye, black sheep… Ammo, I love your sense of humor!! Maybe your mom can make you and Baby P Firemen outfits for Halloween? XXXOOO

  6. Cindy Long06-07-17

    when I got my little guy I stopped by One FD Plaza to introduce him to my friends and co-workers. Well, the Orlando FD Chief saw him and said to me

  7. Cindy Long06-07-17

    (sorry – I hit enter by mistake. Hate it when I do that) The chief wanted to make my R2 a bomb hunting dog – he would have been just the right size to walk through industrial size heat/ac ducts to look for hidden explosives. Well, I said no to that right away. R2 and the chief became friends anyway. Like my little guy I am sure that you would be a welcome visitor at any fire station.

  8. Pam B06-07-17

    Hiya Ammo!!! Oh my, you’re all I’d want to see at a petting zoo. Bet you could totally whip that black furry rock. You’d shear him off at the knees, hehe. I’m glad that you and lil sis are finding so many great adventures to make wonderful memories. (I know she won’t remember much of them yet, but you and Mom and Dad can remind her when she gets a bit bigger.) Hope you’re having a great week, love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  9. PetVetLove06-10-17

    It seems to be a very happy day!

  10. Sherry Bradford06-10-17

    I think you would be a very good firefighter!

  11. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso06-10-17

    You are so great, Ammo!!

  12. Tracy Molitor06-11-17

    You are just too funny Ammo. You can be our favorite comedian until you get hired at the Fire Department.

  13. Betsy Davis07-04-17

    Happy First 4th to Baby P and her best dachshund brother Ammo, u 2 Rock!

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