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Goats that Race

15 May Posted by in Adventure | 17 comments
Goats that Race

Goats that Race

Last weekend I grabbed my rain coat, hopped on a bus and headed off on another adventure to the Slyfox Goat Races!

Goats that Race

It was crowded, wet and muddy…

Goats that Race

…and the closest I got to actually seeing the goats race was to pose in front of one for a selfie. Yea, not super ideal.

Goats that Race

…but, I got to bring along my sister for her very first time at the goat races.

Goats that Race

She got wet, and had to eat her snack in the rain…..

Goats that Race

…but seeing her squeal and smile when she got to meet some of her favorite animals made it totally worth it!

Goats that Race

And we both agreed, the “mascot” had nothing on the real goat racers. Baby P and I were less than impressed.

I mean, just look at those REAL goats run! Impressive!

Goats that Race

So yea, rain may have put a damper on the fun, but it was still a fantastic memory to share with my family.

Goats that Race

And don’t worry, when I got chilly, Baby P even shared her raincoat with me.

Goats that Race

Here’s to hoping next year’s races are a little less damp….because Baby P and I are already begging mom and dad for a goat of our own. My pony Minnow already promised he’d help look after it on the farm. Pppppplllllease!

One of my favorite things at the goat races is listening to the names of all the goats announced over the loudspeakers. My favorite one this year was Baahhhbara. If Baby P and I ever do get that goat we want, what do you think we should name it? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Susan MacAdam Mueller05-15-17

    we had a huge all white sanaan we named Mashed Potatoes. or “Taters” for short and an alpine-nubian cross we called Haggis

  2. Sheryl Ann Kempinger-Mielcarek05-15-17

    Name it Billy.

  3. Jackie Pope Hall05-15-17

    I feel your pain Ammo. It’s a real struggle being vertically challenged!

  4. JB05-15-17

    What an awesome adventure! (even if it was wet and muddy) Ammo, you are making some wonderful memories with Baby P. You guys definitely need to get a goat! I love watching ay goats jump around. Ammo, you and a baby goat together would be hilarious! XXX000

  5. Cathy Thompson05-15-17

    The pictures of you and Baby P are soooo cute!

  6. Christine Graham05-15-17


  7. Lora Campbell Roberts05-15-17

    What fun even though it was wet!!

  8. Jackie Pope Hall05-18-17

    You have a beautiful family Ammo!

  9. Kat Andrews05-18-17

    So mom made sure Baby P stayed safe and Dad kept you out of mischief.Next year they are so in trouble P will be walking and both of you will be on leashes wo!

  10. Lora Campbell Roberts05-18-17

    Ammo – I had a goat visit me today! Bet you and Baby P would have loved to play with Billy Bob.

  11. Kat Andrews05-18-17

    Cutie pie.

  12. Christine Graham05-18-17


  13. Joan Fry05-19-17

    Great looking family, Kylie

  14. Barbara Barnes05-19-17

    Best picture. Mom and Dad looking at camera. Ammo and Baby P only have eyes for each other. Fan of photo analysis.

  15. Marnie White05-19-17

    So much love!
    Baby P only has eyes for her big brother❣️

  16. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso05-19-17

    Such a great picture of you and your family! You are very lucky!!

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