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Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

Well it’s happened again, that smiley little sister of mine is another month older. Boy time flies when you’re having fun!

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

As you can see we are no longer sitting or laying down for our photos (apparently I’m the only one that can comply to the “sit” command) since Baby P is now cruising everywhere on the furniture and anything she can get her hands on.

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

I’m also a bit concerned, because Baby P has sprouted 2 shiny teeth, and if we’re being honest, they are way sharper than mine. Which means she probably will get first dibs on all the good chew bones. Sigh.

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

I guess I should be used to it by now, after all, she already steals all my dog toys too. Like this pretzel from my pals at the Barkshop*. (P.S. you can use code AMMO at checkout for a special surprise!)

*affiliate link

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

I guess I don’t mind sharing though, because Baby P gets in trouble on a daily basis for continuing to throw food off her high chair for me. She can be very thoughtful like that. Siblings gotta look out for each other, it’s a rule.

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol 9

Mom says Baby P might be walking pretty soon and that I better learn how to pick up my toys better if I don’t want her to play with ALL of them. Secretly I just hope she breaks every last one so I can get new toys. 😉 A dog can dream.

Happy 9 Months Baby P!

Just for fun, what date do you think Baby P will start walking? Leave me a guess in the comments below, we shall see who gets the closest! Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Hilary05-10-17

    I’m going with June 11th. Go Baby P!

  2. Judy Sanders05-10-17

    so adorable, she is growing so fast and her outfits are just darling…<3 Happy Nine month Miss P

  3. Jackie Pope Hall05-10-17

    So precious!!

  4. Sue Wilkinson05-10-17

    Ammo, our grand baby turned 9 months this weekend too!

  5. Samantha Riley05-10-17

    She’s adorable. And so are you ammo!

  6. Susan Meyer05-10-17

    Very cute!

  7. Karen Elizabeth Youngs05-10-17

    Happy 9 Months Baby P!!! Cute as ever!!!! I’m sure she’ll share your toys with you sometimes hehe…. but cool she tosses you noms from her chair! I guess that Baby P will be walking on June 30th!!!

  8. Tuff and his mommy Marnie05-10-17

    Tuff and I are guessing Baby P will walk on Tuff’s human brothers birthday…June 2nd! Go Baby P!

  9. Melly Gaines05-10-17

    I love reading Adventures of ammo and baby. I think she will walk by 10 months girls walk early

  10. Donna B05-10-17

    Adorable. You and baby P are too much. Wait til she starts walking and you 2 will be in big trouble together.

  11. JB05-10-17

    Ammo – you are such a patient big brother, sharing your toys. Love watching you two grow up together. XXX000

  12. Lora Campbell Roberts05-10-17

    Baby P gets prettier every day! I think you have a good plan on getting new toys if she breaks all the ones you have already!

  13. Robin Dawon05-10-17

    I’m new to Ammo and his site – how old is Ammo?

  14. Jana05-10-17

    Im thinking May 31st.
    Love your photo shoot. You two take great pictures.
    Baby P dont look very happy in the one where she has your pretzel.
    Keep lovein, laughin and playin.

  15. Anita Harris05-10-17

    I think she will be walking by May 17th.

  16. Pam B05-10-17

    Hiya Ammo and Baby P!!! What great pics!!! She has the sweetest smile. And you always look great Ammo. I’m going to guess June 14th. Just cuz. You two keep on sharing and everything will be fine. Just watch out, those lil teeth might try to work on you too. Go find a new adventure together. Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  17. Pat aHenzey05-10-17

    Oh Baby P and Ammo..these are delightful photos! How quickly the year goes. Does Trooper get on well with Baby P?
    Okay I am gonna guess June 15. I don’t expect it will be that long.Watch out Ammo..soon there will be chasing and racing!


  18. Dona05-10-17

    Love the pictures, especially #4. I know it’s soon but May 18th keeps coming to mind as the day Baby P will start walking. Did you know that babies who have an older sibling often walk early, probably because they have someone to chase after. I think you and Baby P fit that dynamic.

  19. Betsy Davis05-11-17

    When you share your toys, Baby P. Shares from her high chair. You gotta a good thing going there bro. U 2 r beautiful!

  20. MaryScott Brandenburg05-11-17

    She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! Don’t worry Ammo, you’re still handsome!! <3

  21. Debbie Allison05-13-17

    2 of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen.

  22. Cathy Thompson05-13-17

    That last picture of her and that cute smile and standing on her tiptoes is the cutest picture!!

  23. Deanna Perry05-13-17

    ooooh Ammo the Dachshund….. Your lil sis has got a cute dress <3 oh my she's got your pretzel! lol

  24. Judy Sanders05-13-17


  25. Gina Rehberg Zagerman05-14-17

    I don’t know who’s expression is more adorable

  26. April05-14-17

    We’ll guess June 12th. Love all of the pictures of you two. Just dream of all the fun food you’ll get as baby P gets older and eats more of a variety. Exciting!

  27. Marnie White05-15-17

    Ammo, Baby P has a straight face…that is a super important quality when getting into mischief! Oops! I mean fun and adventures

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