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Jail Break

Jail Break

Now that Spring is here my family has moved our activities to outside! I was so excited to show my sister all the fun stuff we can do outdoors, but then something terrible happened.

Jail Break

Baby P got to come outside, but she ended up INSIDE my dog pen!

Jail Break

Neither one of us was thrilled about the whole thing, and honestly I was a bit surprised it was her in the pen and not me. I mean after all she doesn’t eat things she shouldn’t, roll in smelly stuff, chew on sticks, or wander too far…….or wait…….maybe she does actually do some of those things.

Regardless, I devised a plan to free my very best friend….

Jail Break

Jail Break in progress. Don’t tell our mom, and hurry, grab a shovel and help us!

What sort of mischief do you think we should get into once I free P?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity


  1. Judy Sanders05-05-17

    mum and dad are gonna be ticked off at you ammo!!

  2. Cindy Long05-05-17

    the Florida Georgia Line song “This is how we roll” came to mind. You digging and baby P calling the shots. Your mom and dad are in my prayers Ammo, you and Baby P are a fun force to be reckoned with!! Please keep the fun posts coming (I mean when you can break away from your digging escapades!)

  3. Hilary05-05-17

    Hang tight, Baby P!

  4. Kat Andrews05-05-17

    So Ammo it might be easier to get in the pen with baby P after all she has toys!

  5. Tracy Molitor05-05-17

    Don’t forget to get her toys once you dig her out Ammo! LOL

  6. Susan Gibson Snodgrass05-05-17

    It’s too sweet you want to get Baby P out, Ammo.

  7. Kim Thomas Pahutski05-05-17

    Were you able to build the tunnel and save Baby P? Mom is going to have to do some cleaning on your paws and precious nose.

  8. Jana Drilling05-05-17

    Keep diggin Ammo, you’ll free her yet

  9. Nguyễn Minh Trang05-05-17

    Nguyễn Khánh Linh

  10. JB05-05-17

    Ammo – you are too funny! XXX000

  11. Lora Campbell Roberts05-05-17

    That makes me smile on this gloomy day in Alabama Ammo.

  12. Pam B05-06-17

    Oh Ammo!!! She’s ready for you to be done digging so she can come play with you. I’m not sure Mom and Dad will be too appreciative of your efforts to free her though. LOL. Ya’ll have fun and enjoy the springtime weather. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend (but if I know you, you’ll find an adventure in anything you do). Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  13. Donna H Ingram05-09-17

    Hurryyy. Got her out

  14. Lisa McFadden-Elliot05-10-17

    Looks like you are going to tunnel her out

  15. Marnie White05-10-17

    Baby P sure is lucky that her big brother is a super hero!

  16. Cathy Thompson05-13-17

    So cute!!!

  17. Freddy05-18-17

    Thanks for sharing! I just posted a list of cool hunting dog names in case anyone is interested 🙂

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