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Hippity Hop

Hippity Hop

Happy Easter from Ammo the Dachshund

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. A day when a giant bunny visits your home in the night and leaves you little chocolatey presents in a basket (that you aren’t even allowed to eat if you’re a dog), and you’re expected not to bite him, chase him, or do anything that you would normally do to a bunny should he come into your home.

Yea, I don’t really get it either.

Happy Easter from Ammo the Dachshund

But, in an effort to humor my mom, and make my little sister happy, I did something that goes against ALL of my instincts as a fierce hunting dog.

Easter Bunny Visit

I sat on the Easter Bunny’s lap at the mall.

Totally embarrassing!

Easter Bunny Visit

I didn’t bite him, but I was definitely not going to smile for my photo either! (Baby P was totally supporting me too and refused to smile as well!)

I hope you’re happy mom, because I’m pretty sure all the critters in my backyard are laughing their tails off!

Happy Easter Everyone! Have you ever taken your dog to visit the Easter Bunny? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Cathy Thompson04-14-17

    Wonderful ! Love this! Makes me HAPPY!!

  2. Tina Collett04-14-17

    you aren’t the laughing stock of anything! You are there to support baby P while she sits on that big scary rabbit’s lap! You are such a good big brother!

  3. Jan Lovell04-14-17

    Anyone that laughs at a big brother protecting his sister needs his/her shoes watered down (to put it politely). Great pic btw.

  4. Marnie White04-14-17

    It’s ok Ammo. Baby P needed her superhero/best friend/big bro by her side. Easter bunnies can be intimidating

  5. Pam B04-14-17

    Hiya Ammo. Yeah, sometimes you just have to make sacrifices when you’re a big brother (or a big sister like I am). You both look adorable (even without smiles) with the Easter Bunny. Hope you find lots of eggs this year. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to all your family. Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  6. Monique Hickey Sanchez04-14-17

    Oh Ammo! Did you at least get a nibble of bunny ear?

  7. Karen Lee Graves04-14-17

    Ammo, you will never be “the laughing stock.” You are her HERO and protector and she’s probably not crying about seeing that Scary Easter Bunny because you are there. . . Happy Easter!!!!

  8. JB04-14-17

    Ammo – This is hilarious! You’re right, neither you nor Baby P look too thrilled with the situation. You are such a good boy for posing for your mom and not eating/chasing the Easter Bunny. I bet she’ll have a special Ammo Easter Basket filled with doggie toys and treats. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. XXX 000

  9. Kelly Goswick04-14-17

    Oh My GOODNESS!!! I adore these photos! You are such a great sport Ammo. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kelly Goswick04-14-17

    HAPPY EASTER to you, Baby P and the family from Willy the Kid and our family.

  11. Cindy Long04-14-17

    you are so cute protecting your little sister from the big scary bunny. Even with this photo, I will still maintain that you are a fierce protector of your backyard. Happy Easter Ammo to you and your humans

  12. Donna B04-14-17

    I took my dachshund to get her picture with the Easter bunny one year and she was scared of the giant thing with the large ears. She will chade them in the yard though. She’s has no problem with Santa. I guess he brings better presents. Lol.

  13. Janell King04-14-17

    Love Love

  14. Raquel Lei04-15-17

    You guys look adorable Ammo!

  15. Sunny Mac04-15-17

    It’s so wonderful that Mommy and Daddy always include you with baby P, you have the best fur parents Ammo, Happy Easter love Dukey and My little sister Veolette

  16. Sunny Mac04-15-17

    Happy Easter

  17. Betsy Davis04-15-17

    I remember watching a video of u running faster than a speeding bullet across the lawn on Easter morning to open gifts the Easter Bunny left you- you said, ” Mom look what the EB left for me!” Sweeeetest video, I hope u and Baby P score this Sunday!

  18. Jane Bearly04-15-17

    Oh mo Slinky Dog and I feel so bad for you being subjected to that she wants you to know that if she catches a bunny should she was Cottontail off just to show she supports you

  19. Jackie Pope Hall04-16-17

    Happy Easter Ammo and Ms P! <3

  20. MaryScott Brandenburg04-16-17

    You all look so cute!

  21. Sue Crapo04-16-17

    Ammo you and your sister sure take cute pictures

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