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Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

So every time I turn around lately it seems my sister is eating. For someone so tiny she eats so very frequently. Lucky!

Sharing is Caring

I also started to take note that said eating was very very messy.

Sharing is Caring

Now occasionally this messiness would end up on the floor (score!), but most of the time mom whisked it away before I could get so much as a lick. And more often than not it was the icky stuff anyway (you know, the vegetables).

Sharing is Caring

As the weeks passed I decided to take matters into my own paws.

Sharing is Caring

But I guess they call them high chairs for a reason! And I wasn’t really getting that much closer to my end goal.

Sharing is Caring

But then one day, as luck would have it, I noticed a tiny little hand peeking down from the high chair.

Sharing is Caring

My sister was sharing. IT. WAS. GLORIOUS.

Baby P, I love you more everyday. xoxo, your best pal and big brother Ammo. Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Judy Sanders03-22-17

    your sister is a big girll and eats a lot of food…she’sgrowing

  2. Lu-Ann03-22-17

    I love the photo of Baby P sharing with you! Glorious is the perfect description!

  3. Donna H Ingram03-22-17


  4. Donna B03-22-17

    Baby p is certainly growing up fast. And isn’t soooooooo nice that she loves you and wants to share. ❤❤❤❤ that is love.

  5. Alex Hache Becerra03-22-17

    Gravity helps!!!

  6. Lora Campbell Roberts03-22-17

    I knew P would take care of you! Now that she is crawling – just wait – more fun to come!

  7. Cathy Thompson03-22-17

    Love this so much!

  8. JB03-22-17

    Ammo – you now have a lifetime of Baby P sharing with you to look forward to. Love you guys! XXX 000

  9. Tuff and his mommy Marnie03-22-17


  10. Marnie White03-22-17

    I just love it❣

  11. Gina Rehberg Zagerman03-22-17

    You have trained her well

  12. MaryScott Brandenburg03-22-17

    She’ll continue to take good care of you Ammo!

  13. Pam B03-22-17

    Oh Ammo, you are in for such good times ahead. She’ll grow to be your playmate, your bestest friend, even your protector too. Enjoy every second with her. Sending you both love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  14. Roco Roco03-22-17

    Ha! You express yourself so well, Ammo! And you’re sooo smart climbing up the chair!

  15. Kelly Goswick03-23-17

    How very sweet of baby P to share with you Ammo. You will always be best of friends!

  16. Kat Andrews03-26-17

    Looks like baby P was waiting to give you the good stuff!

  17. MaryScott Brandenburg03-26-17

    Here comes the big pay off you’ve been waiting for Ammo!

  18. Donna B03-25-17

    I love this. So glad baby p learned to share her food. Life is good.

  19. Raquel Lei03-26-17

    Best place to hang out huh, Ammo?!

  20. Vincent D Caprini03-26-17

    Just waiting till she starts eating the good stuff Ammo.

  21. Betsy Davis03-26-17

    Good buds, Baby P gets the program, yeah!

  22. Jana Drilling03-27-17

    She loves you. Veggies are good Ammo.

  23. Pat Schroeder Henzey03-28-17

    You got it Ammo..just position yourself as you did in your last photo on your blog and WAIT! Baby P finds you irresistible! !

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