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Winter Storm Stella

Winter Storm Stella

Winter Storm Stella

Finally! Yesterday I got to have a true Snow Day! Which means I didn’t have to go to work, and I got to spend the day playing with my family in the snow.

Winter Storm Stella

This was Baby P’s first big snow, and I was so excited to show her exactly what to do on a snow day.

Winter Storm Stella

Winter Storm Stella

We make snow angels on Snow Days.

Winter Storm Stella

And we go sledding on Snow Days.

Oh The Places You Sleep: Vol. 7 with Ammo the Dachshund

And we curl up on the couch and wait for mom to make us a warm beverage on snow days!

What do you do on snow days? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Cindy Long03-15-17

    looks like you and Baby P had a fun time. How was the warm beverage?????

  2. Judy Sanders03-15-17

    those little doixies love there snow mine alwasy come in snouts and tails and bellies covered

  3. Judy Sanders03-15-17

    looks like you baby P had super fun day!! <3

  4. Nellie Magistro03-15-17

    Samantha Smith

  5. Jana03-15-17

    Looks like you guys had a blast! Stella dropped 10.4 inches of snow on us. I like the last part. Cuddleing up in warm blackets and getting a hot beverage.

  6. Susan Gibson Snodgrass03-15-17

    Ammo, you should get your mom to make you some snow cream. I bet Baby P would love it, too!

  7. JB03-15-17

    Ammo – you and Baby P are just too cute all bundled up in your snow gear! Love you guys! XXX OOO

  8. Susan Humphrey03-15-17

    Ammo, is Baby P trying to push you out of her sled?

  9. Pam B03-15-17

    Ammo, you and baby P are just adorable, out there in your winter togs. We don’t get many snow days here in NC, but when we do, YAAAHOOOO. I love the snow and cold weather and just love to get out and tromp around listening to the snow crunch. Soooooooooooo much fun. Ya’ll have fun, but don’t get frostbite. Lots of warm snuggles on the couch. Hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  10. Faye Morningstar03-18-17

    OH no Baby P… he’s supposed to get in the front and pull you through the snow :/

  11. Marnie White03-18-17

    You two look great Ammo! Love the way you’re protecting Baby P….you are an awesome big brother❤

  12. Todd Alcock03-18-17

    Kelly Watkins

  13. Lisa McFadden-Elliot03-18-17

    Little P is wondering why you are sitting in her lap! Maybe someday Ammo but she’s too little yet!

  14. Kelly Goswick03-18-17

    I bet Ammo can’t wait until Baby P is old enough to build snowmen! He can teach her to make a snowman that look like him!!! Willy the Kid loves to run and play in the snow too!

  15. Jackie Pope Hall03-18-17

    Tuck your ears Ammo!!! LOL! Precious!

  16. Kati Harris03-19-17


  17. Joyce Fox03-21-17

    You two are gonna make quite the bundle of trouble for mom and dad.

  18. Joey Baker03-21-17

    What a great help Ammo! You make such a wonderful baby sitter!

  19. Vicki Bernett03-21-17


  20. MaryScott Brandenburg03-22-17

    I sure hope baby had a good time!

  21. Mary Brandenburg03-21-17

    I’m a teacher, so on snow days I get to stay home! I curl up on my little couch and watch movies, check in on Facebook, read and drink tea or hot cocoa!!

  22. Pat Schroeder Henzey03-22-17

    You are such a good big brother Ammo!

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