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Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: vol. 7

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: vol. 7

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 7

Well, my adorable buddy Miss P is now 7 months old! Don’t let her sweet little smile fool you….

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 7

..she knows how to get EXACTLY what she wants with her little pouty lip. It’s almost better than my sad puppy eyes. Almost.

I’ve taught her well.

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 7

In fact, I’ve taught her so well that I think she’s going to start crawling any day now! She’s a smarty pants, just like her big brother!

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 7

Baby P and I are also working on her first word. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be “Ammmmo” but mom is trying to edge me out with “MaMa”. We shall see who wins.

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 7

And now we leave you with pouty lips and sad puppy eyes, because Baby P and I want some snacks! Feed us please!

Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Marnie White03-08-17

    Congrat’s on another month of love!

  2. Jackie Pope Hall03-08-17

    That’s 2 gorgeous babies right there!!!

  3. Cathy Thompson03-08-17

    Oh my. How wonderful ❤

  4. Judy Sanders03-08-17

    already dear me!! she is growing u and more beautiful each month you to ammo

  5. Betsy Davis03-08-17

    and she is all dressed up to celebrate month 7 with her handsome best buddy
    beside her!

  6. Lu-Ann Pozzi03-08-17

    You are both precious!

  7. Gina Rehberg Zagerman03-08-17

    I think she has your eyes!!! Thanks for sharing !

  8. Donna B03-08-17

    Those pics are just cuteness overload. Pouty lips and sad puppy eyes. Too much to resist.

  9. Debbie Allison03-08-17

    Love those faces!

  10. Pat Schroeder Henzey03-08-17

    Best buddies!

  11. Cindy Long03-08-17

    bad news Ammo, Dada is usually the first word because the letter D is easier for babies to pronounce/get out that M.

  12. Kim Thomas Pahutski03-08-17

    Precious babies. ❤

  13. Lora Campbell Roberts03-08-17

    And just like you Ammo, P just gets cuter and cuter!

  14. JB03-09-17

    Oh my gosh…I can’t get over how adorable the two of you are! Thanks for sharing these great pics. XXX OOO

  15. Shari Penniston03-13-17

    Mom and Dad are gonna have their hands full!

  16. MaryScott Brandenburg03-13-17

    Two adorable babies!!

  17. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso03-13-17

    You two know how to work it!

  18. Donna Lauer Bucelli03-13-17

    I would definitely give you two whatever you want.

  19. Joyce Fox03-13-17

    Oh boy! Who could refuse you two cuties anything? Not I !!

  20. Donna H Ingram03-13-17

    Both are so precious.

  21. MaryScott Brandenburg03-13-17

    Baby P is just so precious!! You are teaching her well, pouty lips and doggy eyes!! BOL

  22. Sonja Brown Wilson03-13-17

    Both babies are cute I think they want a cookie

  23. Debbie Allison03-13-17


  24. Kathy Jacobsen03-14-17

    Ammo needs a matching tutu

  25. Heidi L Ferguson03-14-17

    Love your tutu, Baby P <3

  26. Lisa McFadden-Elliot03-16-17

    7months! How is that possible?!

  27. Cindy Long03-16-17

    Hey you two – I love the blanket you are sitting on!!! was it handmade for you????

    • Ammo the Dachshund03-17-17

      no, not handmade, but a swaddle blanket that was given to us as a gift (note the tiny dachshunds hidden in it!)

  28. Cindy Long03-16-17

    I hit enter by mistake. Wanted to say how cute this picture is – of both of you!!!

  29. Donna Eutsler03-16-17

    Can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. I love reading your blog so keep up the good work Ammo and keep protecting little sister.

  30. Parmy04-04-17

    Hey Ammo! Love following your antics with Baby P, you are both stars and brighten up my day when i see your posts!

    ps: We too have a dachshund, called Bob (looks just like you too) you well be cousins, might be worth checking out the family tree! 🙂

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