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February 2017 Monthly Recap

01 Mar Posted by in Monthly Recap | 16 comments
February 2017 Monthly Recap

This February was amazing, mostly because I had so many warm Spring-like days! So crazy! And I also had a lot of fun adventures, so that too.

Before we get to my adventures though, let me give a shoutout to my special sponsors & affiliates! Thanks to them I’m able to bring you exciting posts, so make sure you give them some love and check out what great products they carry!

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And now it’s time for my February adventures…

Bear-y Fun Adventure

I finally got to play Dress-up with my sister, and it was everything I thought it’d be!

I shared just how much activity I’m actually getting on a daily basis.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I shared a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Dogs.

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: vol. 6

I celebrated the fact that my sister is now 1/2 a year old.

These Paws were Made for Digging // Ammo the Dachshund

I shared my own rendition of a classic kids song.

Pop'n Tags at the Thrift Store

I popped some tags at the thrift store.

Ode to My Mailman

I wrote an ode to my mailman.

Ammo the Dachshund's Vegetable Garden

I shared my spring to-do list.

The Princess' Castle

I invited everyone in to tour my sister’s castle.

And so begins my March! I’m looking forward to a warm (and super early) Spring, how about you? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Mary Jaconi Travis03-01-17

    love thrift store shopping….if you are ever in Lancaster, there is a store called Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland PA on Rt 23…they have some great things

  2. Bea Zúñiga03-01-17

    Cutie pies!

  3. MaryScott Brandenburg03-01-17

    This bottom photo is oh so precious!!! <3

  4. Joey Baker03-01-17

    How precious! Ammo takes such good care of her!

  5. Nina Ducate Mauldin03-01-17


  6. Marnie White03-01-17

    An awesome twosome!

  7. TwinCritters03-01-17


  8. JB03-01-17

    That first photo of you and Baby P in the crocheted things DEMANDS a comment on how crazy-cute you two are!! XXXOOO

  9. Lisa McFadden-Elliot03-01-17

    I just love little P’s smile!

  10. Lynda Castle03-01-17

    so sweet!

  11. Mini Husky Lovers03-03-17

    You have a very nice house and a beautiful family.

  12. Pat Schroeder Henzey03-06-17

    Ammo you and Baby P are just adorable…you each found a buddy for life!!

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