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The Princess’ Castle

The Princess’ Castle

It’s come to my attention that I never properly shared my new little sidekick’s bedroom. After all, it took mom and I a really long time to get it just right.

The Princess' Castle

So come on in, and welcome to the Princess’ Castle!

The Princess' Castle

This is the room where my sister’s dog crate resides. I still haven’t figured out why she hasn’t jumped out of it yet!

The Princess' Castle

Although I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before she breaks out of her crate at night, because the artwork above her is totally accurate. I’m also fairly confident in saying that she’s so fierce that her “bark” might even be louder than mine!

The Princess' Castle

Even if she does break out though, I’ll be right here waiting.

The Princess' Castle

Waiting to make sure she doesn’t touch my toys, or my dog bowl, or my favorite pillow on the couch.

The Princess' Castle

Yup, that’s definitely the face of a little sister that’s going to escape her dog crate. I knew it.

The Princess' Castle

Looks like we won’t be getting any sleep again tonight pony.


So what did you think of my little sister’s castle? Do you think she’ll like how I decorated it (as you may notice there are MANY pictures of the one and only me in her bedroom)! Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity


  1. Sheryl Ann Kempinger-Mielcarek02-27-17

    Love it! And love the Shakespeare quote!

  2. Jackie Pope Hall02-27-17

    I freaking LOVE that cow on the wall!

  3. Deanna Perry02-27-17

    Looks great ammo!

  4. Dona02-27-17

    Ammo, you and your mom did a fantastic job making Pyper’s castle! It has everything a princess could want or need. And how smart of you to put pictures of you on the wall to watch over her and to keep her company!

  5. Donna B02-27-17

    What a darling room!! You and your mom did a great job. I love that you included you pictures (so you’re watching over her even when you’re not in the room) and the other animal pics. She will grow up respecting animals. That quote is perfect for your sister.

  6. Joey Baker02-27-17

    GREAT job Ammo!

  7. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso02-27-17

    You have great taste, Ammo!

  8. JB02-27-17

    Ammo – your creative writing is improving. This is such a clever post! Love the parts about Baby P jumping out of her crate, her bark being louder than yours, and how you’re right there to watch her. The room is awesome and I love the quote about her being fierce! You’re a great brother for watching out for her. Love you guys! XXX OOO

  9. Pamela Woodward02-27-17

    Love the cow painting!

  10. Gina Rehberg Zagerman02-27-17

    You and mom did a great job decorating. I’m sure she will be jumping out soon

  11. MaryScott Brandenburg02-27-17

    I love her little castle! That phrase above her bed is very inspiring! You and mum did a great job!!

  12. Jana Drilling02-27-17

    Very nice

  13. Funny Animals Channel02-27-17

    Thanks for the info big chihuahua fan here

  14. Cindy Long02-27-17

    You and your mom did a beautiful job Ammo!!! It seems to suit both of you very well. And if that framing thing stops working for you, I see a future in home decorating – you have the eye for it!

  15. Veronica Graver Brown02-27-17

    Elizabeth Sillies, a cow!!!

  16. Susan Humphrey02-28-17

    Time to drop the mattress a few inches! I’m surprised Ammo hasn’t made it into her crate yet. Or have you Ammo?

  17. Betsy Davis02-28-17

    Did your Mom teach you how to decorate, you r really talented-I know you will teach Baby P too. Adventure awaits!

  18. Tracy Molitor02-28-17

    Great job Ammo, on creating the perfect room for baby P. That’s a lot of work! No wonder you need all those naps.

  19. Debbie Allison02-28-17

    Adorable room for an adorable princess. Tho, maybe a few pics of a certain adorable dachshund would really top it off.

  20. Phoebe Foo02-28-17

    A lovely room!

  21. Vincent D Caprini03-02-17

    Ammo she will know you for a lifetime because I know you will take care of her.

  22. Tuff and his mommy Marnie03-02-17

    Pyper’s room looks so cool! And very unique too;)
    You keep up the watch Ammo, baby sis is in good paws!

  23. Funny Animals Channel03-03-17


  24. Elaine Norris03-05-17

    lovely xx 🙂

  25. Barbara Barnes03-05-17

    Definitely a place of sweet dreams ❤️

  26. Raquel Lei03-05-17

    You’re sooooo cool Ammo!

  27. Roco Roco03-09-17

    Beautiful! You and your Mommy did a great job with Baby P.’s room! We just see the Love oozing everywhere💜💜💜🌟🌟💜

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