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Bear-y Fun Adventures

Bear-y Fun Adventures

Bear-y Fun Adventure

You might remember that not long ago I was anxiously awaiting my sister’s arrival. Even more so because my lovely friend Suzanne had made me and my sister some lovely crochet items.

Well the time has finally come, and my sister can wear them with me!!

Bear-y Fun Adventure

As you can see, Baby P was very excited that we were going to get to play DRESS UP. Something tells me there will be a lot of dress up games in my future.

Bear-y Fun Adventure

That’s ok though, because anything that makes Baby P smile this much is totally worth it!

Bear-y Fun Adventure

So from Cowgirls…

Bear-y Fun Adventure

….to Goldilocks ….I’m ready for all of it!

Bear-y Fun Adventure

And if there is a “Best Dog of the Year Award”, I’m pretty sure I deserve it. I guess I’ll also accept belly rubs, cookies, and weekend hikes as recognition too. You’re welcome Baby P.

xoxo, Your big brother,Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

What do you think Baby P and I should dress up as next?

  1. Jammie Baber02-03-17

    So, so cute!!!

  2. Wendy Carlson Baker02-03-17

    Super cute!

  3. Marnie White02-03-17


  4. Jackie Pope Hall02-03-17

    I can’t hardly stand it!!!

  5. Kim Thomas Pahutski02-03-17


  6. Donna B02-03-17

    Love the outfit. Baby P has such an infectious smile. I bet you make her laugh alot. You are handsome and she is adorable .

  7. JB02-03-17

    Ammo, you guys are just too cute for words! You should most definitely get the Best Dog/Big Brother of the Year Award! XXX000

  8. Lynne Yearsley02-03-17

    Way too cute!

  9. Gina Rehberg Zagerman02-03-17

    Such a good big brother

  10. Lu-Ann02-03-17

    You are both adorable and precious! Ammo, you are such a patient big brother!

  11. Sunny Mac02-03-17

    Truly adorable

  12. Joyce Fox02-03-17

    What a great picture!

  13. Jana Drilling02-03-17

    You two are so dog gone cute

  14. Carla Mannigel02-03-17

    If that isn`t the cutest EVER!

  15. Cindy A. Couch02-03-17

    What a sweet smile. I think Ammo and Piper are a team not to be beaten.

  16. Raquel Lei02-03-17

    What a beautiful smile!!! And you’re lovely as usual! I love seeing you and your sister Ammo. It brightens my day. Thank you!

  17. Faye Morningstar02-03-17

    We’ve all been waiting for this… let the games begin!

  18. Pam B02-03-17

    Hiya Ammo (and Baby P)!!! Love love LOVE the pics. You two are just so adorable. She’s getting quite a personality. And you’ve always had a great personality. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!!! Hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  19. Suzanne McNees Tudor02-04-17

    Beautiful baby Pyper and her trusty sidekick, Ammo

  20. Cindy Long02-04-17

    you and Baby P must start thinking about your coordinating outfits for the wedding.

  21. Tracy Molitor02-04-17

    Love your outfits! Baby P is adorable and I love her smile! And you, dear Ammo, are as handsome as ever.

  22. Susan Hock Deloach02-04-17

    Suzanne is a good friend and makes amazing crocheted gifts

  23. Vonda Rantz02-05-17


  24. Sara Brown02-05-17

    I loved your bear hoodie so much I attempted to make one for my Frankie! Haven’t figured out the sweater quite yet but we’ve got ears at least!

  25. Kim Hunter02-07-17

    Awe your a great brother.

  26. Karen Elizabeth Youngs02-07-17

    Awwwww, such a great big brother to play dress up with Baby P ❤❤ you both look adorable!!

  27. Shari Penniston02-07-17

    Ammo your sister is just as beautiful as you are handsome!

  28. Marnie White02-07-17

    You two are soooo cute!

  29. Debbie Allison02-07-17

    Hands…I mean paws down, you are the best brother!

  30. Sunny Mac02-09-17


  31. Jill Ebding02-09-17

    Cute!! What a good Big Brother!!

  32. Jammie Baber02-09-17

    I love Baby P’s smiles and of course your cute face!

  33. Judy Sanders02-09-17

    so cute she sits up now too..more fun to play with

  34. Marnie White02-09-17

    Ammo, you look very serious…is that your “don’t mess with my baby sister face”?

  35. Jackie Pope Hall02-09-17

    I can’t get enough of you and your sister Ammo! Makes my day! <3

  36. Stanfield Anne02-10-17

    So cute!!❤

  37. Betsy Davis02-11-17

    I hear Hollywood calling for these two sweet pals!

  38. AL Ilenfeld03-05-17


  39. Roco Roco03-09-17

    Wow!!!! I so love the dressup games! How about Leprachauns next!?
    And Baby P. Looks so much like her Papa!
    And Suzanne ought to custom-make those beautiful crocheted “hoodies” for people! They are besutiful! So love you, Ammo and just looked at your running video and I think you ate already for spring!😍🐾😍

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