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Dog Squad on the Beach

23 Jan Posted by in Adventure, Travel | 14 comments
Dog Squad on the Beach

Dog Squad on the Beach

There is one special adventure that always makes my heart skip a beat. It’s one of my favorite places ever, and when my family got to stay right on the BEACH during our Thanksgiving vacation I was so very excited!

Dog Squad on the Beach

But whats even more fantastic than a trip to the beach is sharing the adventure with my squad!

My cousins Sharkie & Scout (in the front) live in South Carolina, so they are total beach dog pros, and Trooper and I were super excited to spend a few days romping on the beach with them.

Dog Squad on the Beach

Things got a little wild, but that’s what beach days are all about!!

Dog Squad on the Beach

Dog Squad on the Beach

Dog Squad on the Beach

Scout and Sharkie know just how to get things fierce on the beach. But little did they know, so do Trooper and I….

Dog Squad on the Beach

Dog Squad on the Beach

Dog Squad on the Beach

That’s right, we may not live at the beach, but Trooper and I can certainly keep up with the rest of our squad!

Dog Squad on the Beach

After a day running on the beach, there is nothing more left to do but to take a dip in the ocean to cool off.

Dog Squad on the Beach

Being my feisty self, I couldn’t let my youngest cousin Scout show me up with her swimming skills. Even wiener dogs can swim too!

Dog Squad on the Beach

Nevermind, scratch that, way TOO COLD for this weiner dog! You’re on your own Scout!

Dog Squad on the Beach

All in all it was a fantastic few days with the ocean at my back. I already miss my favorite dog squad!

Can’t wait until we get to do it again!

Does your dog love to frolic on the beach like I do? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. JB01-23-17

    Hey Ammo, What a fantastic adventure! Sure makes me want to go to the beach. I think you’re actually flying in one of those photos.XXXOOO

  2. Sunny Mac01-23-17

    such a cute photo <3

  3. Jess & Mini01-23-17

    It sure looks like you and your cousins had a LOT of fun! Mini has yet to go to the beach though I bet she’d like it as long as it was a WARM day.

  4. Marnie White01-23-17

    Why do you all look guilty? ❤

  5. Mary Ann Gonzalez01-23-17

    Ammo, did and your crew dig a huge hole on the sand??

  6. Robin Whiskers01-23-17

    Looks like a ton of fun!

  7. Debbie Allison01-24-17

    And you can tell who’s in charge!

  8. Lisa Bishop01-25-17

    Wow, Ammo! We did not know you could fly!

  9. Karen Elizabeth Youngs01-27-17

    I wish my Dachshund liked the water, we moved to the beach last year and he wants NO part of it

  10. Debra Sewell01-27-17

    Dont let it drown

  11. Mary Beth Colter01-28-17

    Fly, Ammo, fly!

  12. Alex Hache Becerra01-29-17

    Go Trooper!

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