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You Don’t Need a Tissue When you have a Dog

You Don’t Need a Tissue When you have a Dog

You Don't Need a Tissue when you have a dog

From day 1 my sister has been infatuated with me. It’s probably my stunning good looks, and my spitfire personality that does it, or perhaps I guess it might be because I look like a giant stuffed animal.

You Don't Need a Tissue when you have a dog

And I’ve loved her from the start too, maybe because she looks like a big stuffed animal sometimes too!

Whatever the case may be, we’re both thick as thieves. So when my sister needs something, I’m going to be there for her. In this case it was a tissue…..and I was more than happy to oblige….

I just hope you repay the favor someday Baby P! Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Judy Sanders01-09-17


  2. Donna H Ingram01-09-17

    How saweet !

  3. Heidi L Ferguson01-09-17

    C’mon…how stinking cute!!!

  4. Jackie Pope Hall01-09-17

    I love this so much!!!! <3

  5. Dona01-09-17

    Now that’s a devoted big brother! When my son was little all my mom friends were impressed that my Doxie Melanie would rush over to vacuum up any stray crumbs and wash our hands after eating.

  6. Donna B01-09-17

    Aw how cute. What a great big brother you are.

  7. Robin Whiskers01-09-17

    That’s adorable!

  8. Marnie White01-09-17

    Ammo, not everybody can make boogers classy! And the hat is a winner! You and Baby P are awesome❣

  9. JB01-09-17

    Ammo – you are hilarious! Love the photo of you with the furry hat on! You and Baby P make quite the Dynamic Duo! XXXOOO

  10. Lora Campbell Roberts01-09-17

    That made my day Ammo!

  11. Lu-Ann01-09-17

    You are both too cute!

  12. Kim Hunter01-09-17

    You are such a good big brother

  13. Jana Drilling01-09-17

    You and baby P are so darn cute.

  14. Kim Thomas Pahutski01-09-17

    Adorable babies!

  15. Diana Johnson01-09-17

    I love this ! And your hat – – – you are a winner Ammo !

  16. Joyce Fox01-09-17

    Too cute for words!

  17. Abbie01-09-17

    Aw, that’s adorable!! What a good big brother you are, Ammo!!

  18. Christa Harrell01-10-17

    You 2 are so adorable!!!! Love the hat, Ammo!!!!

  19. Jane01-10-17

    Who needs a babysitter when you have Ammo lol

  20. Maria Messick01-13-17

    You are the best big brother a precious little baby girl could ask for, Ammo the Dachshund. 🙂

  21. Sabine MacKenzie01-13-17

    Hello Ammo, your little sister is the cutest Baby I’ve ever seen. <3 :-)

    • Ammo the Dachshund01-13-17

      I guess I’m going to have to work on my ferocious bark for when she’s older to keep all those boys away!

  22. Kim Thomas Pahutski01-13-17

    I agree. Your little sister is adorable. Do you kiss her little piggies to make her laugh? She takes after her brother in the adorable category.

  23. Jackie Pope Hall01-13-17

    She is one super lucky little girl! <3

  24. Judy Sanders01-13-17

    ammo your sister is talking to you

  25. Donna H Ingram01-13-17

    She is too dang cute.! Love your whole family.

  26. Mary Ann Gonzalez01-13-17

    Guard her well!!

  27. Melly Gaines01-13-17

    You are a great big brother!

  28. Karen Lee Graves01-13-17

    Ammo, your sister is pretty cute, there!!!!!!!

  29. Amy Hinton01-14-17

    Love you, Ammo!!! Thank you for the coupon sites and free stuff!!! I have 3 dachshunds as well!!! Looking forward to seeing more of you!!! We love you!!!
    Amy Hinton

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