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A Parading We Will Go

21 Dec Posted by in Dog Days of Cheer, Family | 10 comments
A Parading We Will Go

Holiday Christmas Parade

A few weekends ago I took Baby P on a very special outing. I took her to her very first Christmas parade!

Holiday Christmas Parade

Holiday Christmas Parade

The real reason I’m always in attendance of my town’s holiday parade is to entertain the customers at our shop. I always do a pretty good job of that (nobody’s better than me at playing dead), and this year Baby P even helped me out by squealing and dancing for all the visitors too (only my camera crew missed catching that, shame on them). It was nice to have a little extra help, entertaining customers is hard work!

Holiday Christmas Parade

But after our duties at the shop (and more than a few diaper changes for Baby P), we hit the streets to watch the parade.

Holiday Christmas Parade

Holiday Christmas Parade

Fire trucks and flashing lights are always a favorite for me and now my sister too, but the music really gets us in the Christmas mood!

Holiday Christmas Parade

I was super excited to see some fellow low riders in the parade! Although I’m pretty sure I totally had them out dressed!

Holiday Christmas Parade

Baby P though, she got to wave to Santa! I admit, I was a bit jealous, but then I remembered that I’ve had 8 years of Santa visiting my house just for me, so I felt a little better about sharing Santa with my sister this year. Overall we had a blast at the Holiday Parade this year, and I can’t wait until next year when my sister will be running around at it with me!

Only 3 more sleeps until I get to see what Santa brings me under the tree! I can’t wait!

Does your town have a holiday parade? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity


  1. Sabine MacKenzie12-21-16

    Hello sweet Ammo, your Baby sis ist such a cute doll <3

  2. Jackie Pope Hall12-21-16

    Is that a doggy hat of some sort you are wearing Ammo?

  3. Karen Elizabeth Youngs12-21-16

    Awwww, so much fun being able to share all these fun events with your sister now, she’s very lucky ❤

  4. JB12-21-16

    Ammo – you need to be IN the parade! You way out-styled those other dogs. You’re a great big brother to share everything with your little sister. XXX000

  5. Lisa McFadden-Elliot12-21-16

    Ammo, love your lid buddy!

  6. Debbie Allison12-22-16

    Thanks for sharing! Your Lil sis has the sweetest lil face! And yours is quite handsome!

  7. Dona12-22-16

    Hi Ammo, I have to agree with
    JB, you are just sooo stylish, as always! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  8. Judy Sanders12-26-16

    Ammo is always on the move …good job

  9. Jane01-08-17

    This is so cute! I want to take Jane sometime, however I am sure she will disrupt the parade with her playfulness.

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