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A Very Merry Christmas with the Jolly Guy

A Very Merry Christmas with the Jolly Guy

Just before Thanksgiving I went on a special adventure to visit Santa! Now I know what you’re thinking, visiting Santa before Thanksgiving? But hey….

A Very Merry Christmas

…no lines! And when you have your little baby sister with you, no lines is a good thing!

A Very Merry Christmas

That’s right, this was Baby P’s first time visiting with Santa. And you know I taught her well when the first thing she did was to tug on Santa’s beard to make sure it was real. You can never be too careful these days!

A Very Merry Christmas

And if you’re thinking I let Baby P have all the fun, you would be mistaken. I NEVER pass up the opportunity to tell a jolly man in a red suit EXACTLY what I want for Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas

Next year Baby P and I need to work on our smiles. (It’s always hard to concentrate on picture taking when you’re trying to remember your Christmas wish list). We’ll get there.

It was fun to actually have a buddy to visit Santa with this year, after all, for the past 8 years I’ve been doing it solo. Santa is always more fun with friends!

Do your dogs get to visit Santa every year?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Vincent D Caprini12-14-16

    You look like a pro there Ammo.

  2. Jackie Pope Hall12-14-16

    Sooooooooo cute! I can hardly stand it!!!

  3. Cindy Long12-14-16

    Ammo, our vet has a photo with Santa day and you can either pay money or bring pet food and treats and blankets and towels and not have to pay and all the donations go to animal rescue groups. I used to take my little guy every year.

  4. Jan Wilson12-14-16

    I can’t tell who’s having more fun baby sis, Santa, or you Ammo!

  5. Talita Andrade12-14-16


  6. Kim Thomas Pahutski12-14-16


  7. Tari Hann12-14-16

    Awwwww you and baby sis are so cute!

  8. JB12-14-16

    Ammo – I bet you two made Santa’s day. Great photo – smiles or not! XXX OOO

  9. Joyce Fox12-14-16

    The first pic Ive seen in a while that shows how small sister is! Take care of her big brother!

  10. Lora Campbell Roberts12-14-16

    Love all of the pics of you & P with Santa. Hope going early pays off!!

  11. Susan Humphrey12-14-16

    What a great picture of all. I love this!!! And I love Ammo’s profile shadow on the arm of the chair. He always puts an extra special something in his pictures.

  12. Sunny Mac12-14-16

    Good boy Ammo I see you are showing your little Sis how to sit on Santas knee, did you tell him what you want for Christmas ? ❄️️

  13. Marnie White12-14-16

    Your first Santa photo!
    Love it!

  14. Debbie Allison12-15-16

    So good of you to show her the ropes.

  15. Donna B12-15-16

    Great picture. I think Santa was having a good time too.look at his smile. He was glad to meet baby p.

  16. Karen Elizabeth Youngs12-19-16

    Awwww, Baby P did great, she has the best teacher ❤

  17. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso12-19-16

    You are the greatest big brother !!

  18. Marnie White12-19-16

    Baby P wasn’t even a little bit scared of Santa…she has big brother right by her side!

  19. Mary Ann Gonzalez12-19-16

    Awe this is too darn cute!! What did you ask Santa for, Ammo?

  20. Faye Morningstar12-19-16

    You guys take Christmas very serious!! Nice pic 🙂

  21. Raquel Lei12-20-16

    You 2 are awesome. Great family pic! Ammo, did you ask for me treats?

  22. JanSteve Strickland12-30-16

    Love those faces! So purrfect!!

  23. JanSteve Strickland12-30-16

    So sweet!

  24. Gustavo Woltmann01-01-17

    Merry Christmas to you Ammo. Santa and you are very cute. Great picture.

  25. Gustavo Woltmann01-01-17

    Merry Christmas to you Ammo. Santa and you are very cute. Great picture.

    gustavo woltmann

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