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All Up In It

18 Nov Posted by in Farm | 1 comment
All Up In It

All Up In It

Holy Cow. You’re never gonna guess what showed up on the farm the other day. My eyes caught sight of it, and I could just hardly contain my excitement. It was….

All Up In It

….a GIANT, fantastic, amazing pile of screenings!

All Up In It

Of course I wasted no time at all getting ALL UP IN IT, because there really is only one thing you can do when a big pile of screenings shows up at your doorstep….

All Up In It

…Conquer that mountain like nobody’s business.

Well and maybe dig a hole or two as well…

What would your dog do with a big pile of screenings? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Dona11-18-16

    Hi Ammo, that giant pile of screenings is impressive. Btw, what are screenings? It looks like it was made for you to have lots of fun in it. I especially like the beginning of the video where you are still half in the hole. Happy digging!

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