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Cool Weather Hikes

16 Nov Posted by in Adventure | 5 comments
Cool Weather Hikes

Cool Weather Hikes

It’s the most beautiful time of year in Chester County, Pennsylvania – so much so that last weekend I got out for a hike in the beautiful countryside.

Cool Weather Hikes

My pal Shilah the Husky even came along for the fun. Fall is Shilah’s kind of weather. With her thick sled dog coat she thrives in the cool weather, and not wanting to be left out I wore my Ruffwear Fleece* so that I too could have a “sled dog coat”.

*affiliate link

Cool Weather Hikes

Oh and don’t worry, in case you were wondering, my family came along too! I can’t seem to shake these fools. 😉

Cool Weather Hikes

I even got to practice some of my dog agility fun with some log jumps…

Cool Weather Hikes

….and tunnels! (sorta) 😉

Cool Weather Hikes

But the best part of hiking is always the view! Thankful to live in such a gorgeous place, because when the sun is shining you can’t have a bad day!

What do you think your dog’s favorite view would be?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. JB11-16-16

    Glad to see you let the family tag along lol. Looks like a gorgeous place! XXX 000

  2. Donna B11-16-16

    Ammo, you are so right about Chester County being beautiful. And autumn is the best time.rub

  3. Roco Roco11-17-16

    Oh Ammo! I hust love you!!! You have a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!
    My favourite view is my Mommy’s eyes looking into mine! So much oxytocin builds up and I feel so much Love!!! 😍😍😍Roco

  4. Roco Roco11-17-16

    I just…. oops!

  5. Seth B11-20-16

    Ammo if you like cold weather hikes you should come to do some cold weather hikes with me in Alaska!

    PS, you look very cute in your sweater =)

    Your Friend Scarlett, a GSD!

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