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Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 3

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 3

Every month my mom has been taking photos of my little sister as she grows. I was a bit jealous at first, but then I realized my daily life has been documented in photos and videos for the past 6 years on this blog….so maybe it’s time to share the camera.

That lasted oh….5 seconds…before I couldn’t stand to sit on the sidelines anymore. So every month I’ve been having my photo taken with my sister to document how much she grows. Here we are on Monday as she turned 3 months old…

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 3

Now it seems that a lot of my fans just can’t get enough of me and Baby P, so I’m going to be sharing our monthly photos with you from here on out. But since I missed the last few, here they are so you can see how much she’s grown…

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 1

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 2

And because we just can’t get enough snuggles in, here we are this month, doing what siblings do…

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 3

Adventures of Ammo + Baby P: Vol. 3

Love ya sis!

So do you think my sister grew a whole bunch from last month?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Mary Gross11-11-16

    Aww…do you like your baby sister?

  2. Judy Sanders11-11-16

    so sweet <3

  3. Katie Brenner Broyles11-11-16

    So sweet!!! Dr. Watson C. Dog was in his sister’s 6 month shoot <3 <3

  4. Jana Drilling11-11-16

    So cute

  5. Sabrina Rose-Startup11-11-16

    Where’d you get that blanket?!

  6. Robin W.11-11-16

    Pyper is so cute and so are you, Ammo!

  7. Joyce Fox11-11-16

    Ammo, that sweater looks like one you used to wear!!???

  8. Lu-Ann11-11-16

    Cuteness overload!

  9. Donna B11-11-16

    How sweet. You are an excellent big brother. And your sister is so cute.

  10. Lora Campbell Roberts11-11-16

    Pyper is growing so fast!! Cute as a bug and I love the Batman and Robin blanket! When is Mom going to make her a super hero cape so she can be your side kick!!

  11. TracyCT11-11-16

    You were 100% correct – So adorable.

  12. Marilyn Kennedy11-12-16

    You’re right, Ammo, can’t handle the cuteness! You’re both adorable!

  13. Betsy Davis11-12-16

    3 months already Ammo -how can it be.

  14. Amanda & Barbarella11-12-16

    Yes! I think your sister has grown a lot since last month. Is she now longer than you? Love the pictures 🙂

  15. Mary Lou Force11-12-16

    Oh Ammo, she is so beautiful!

  16. Barbara Miller11-13-16

    Bol how cute

  17. Lisa McFadden-Elliot11-14-16

    Such a pretty little girl!

  18. Cindy Couch11-18-16

    Your sis has such beautiful eyes. She is so adorable. I congratulate you Ammo on have such
    a beautiful little sister (And your Mom and Dad too)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving-don’t eat to much dressing. 🙂

  19. Betty DePuy11-21-16

    Oh Pyper is so adorable and yes she has grown a lot! Ammo you are pretty cute yourself! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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